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Learning what to eat is hard...

You would think after 4 1/2 yrs I would be doing better. Yesterday I had a bagel w/ cream cheese for breakfast and turkey/cheese with crackers for lunch. I also had watermelon. I felt great after lunch. No gas at all! Today I had english muffin with an egg. Then turkey & cheese wrap and I am SO GASY. It is really annoying that I never know how food is going to effect me.


Hark! A Lurker!
Right there with you. My whole game has been 'trial and error'.. Veggies on sandwiches are a pass.. I have to take it easy on cheeses.. It's tough.
I have a list that I know NOT to eat! Its hard with stuff that I can eat today but cant tomorrow. I just hate being gasy and burping all the time.


Hark! A Lurker!
Yeah, it just comes with the territory I guess. It's difficult for me to deal with clients while I'm belching up a storm, but I just try to be polite about it.
I try to stay away from dairy all together.. I guess for me.. I'd rather not tale the chance.. on the other hand I miss the foods that involve dairy and sometimes get a little rebellious and eat it anyways. Some days are good and some days feel like punishment. I suggest eliminating cheese :0(. Its hard on the anyones system. Good luck.
[ Then turkey & cheese wrap and I am SO GASY.

Off the wall question but with a purpose- what "flavor" of wrap did you use? The garlic and herb ones always gave me gas. Plain ones did not. I have given up on bread and other things because of the gas issue. I think I have an intolerance for comfort foods!

Ever tried lactaid pills? They work wonders for me, and I finally got my little sister to try one the other day, and she said they worked great for her too! :) She doesn't have crohns, but has long suspected that she had a problem with dairy and just chose to ignore it.
Giving up cheese would be really hard. I love it! When i had turkey & cheese without the wrap I was fine.

THe wrap was italian flavored. I am pretty sure that had a lot to do with the gas.

No i havent tried lactaid pills but I should give it a try!!
I know what you mean.

I'm lactose intolerant, and I take lactaid pills. I find either I take too little (causing D) or I take too much (Causing C). So, I usually just buy lactose free milk. I love it, but I find it tastes just a little like old milk... Definitely better than milk alternatives though.

I'm a year or so into this, and I've only discovered no lactose, no popcorn and no deep fried anything.

I did Turkey the other day, and it was fine. Like, full turkey dinner.

Good luck!
Not all cheese has lactose in it. I eat cheese all the time and don't have trouble with it.
Also I don't think cheese is innately hard to digest since I'm on the SCD diet and by definition the whole point of the diet is to try to get calories from the simple sugars galactose, fructose, and sucrose. (And fat, lots of fat) and I'm allowed to eat cheese. Anyway I stick to colby jack, colby and cheddar exclusively but there are others that are legal. Not mozzarella or feta.

Going by the Science of that book basically anything that's starchy/has complex carbohydrates takes time to digest(bread,potatoes,corn) and could potentially be a problem if you don't chew it up or you eat more than you can digest. basically if it reaches your lower intestinal tract the bacteria there eat it and cause you trouble.
yeah it sucks doing the trial and error, especially if the error gets you sick really bad.. im still learning what not to eat and its hard because one day something effects you and the next your fine.. as of right now i am not sure what cheese does to me ,but i know i cant drink regular milk so i buy the silk milk with the extra vitamin c and d and also the dha..

i cant eat beef, nuts, ice cream /crying, and other than that i have to take it one at a time and see what else.. atleast everyday you can find something out new
I get burps/trapped burps after whatever I eat, sometimes lasting for an hour but usually a lot longer. And for gas, hmmm well lets just say we're best buddies haha!

I've only just been diagnosed with Crohn's and the treatment has stopped the D (yey! maybe my butt can heal now ;) ) but I've gone back to how I was before and alternate between constipated/frequent BM's but feel much more bloated and uncomfortable than usual. I'm getting a lot of regurge and look like I'm 5 months pregnant lol!

I have an appt with a dietician on the 26th, does anyone have any suggestions on the sort of questions I should ask them? I'm so confused as to what I should be limiting/removing from my diet as everything bothers my stomach in some way or another.

Soybean xx
try not to deviate

i eat the same low residue diet every day. have over 100 bottles of ensure and boost in my pantry
Sometimes eggs bother me and sometimes I am fine. I think the cheese might be a problem. I really need to get lactad pills but keep forgetting.
Hey it is always different for me. Sometimes i gag at the site, smell or site of some foods and stay away from them.
Other days i crave them.
Lately i just feel bloated..LOL!
I gave up trying to keep the guts happy, as sometimes they are fine, sometimes they don't like what goes in them.

The only things that seem to trigger me almost immediately are strong coffee, minty chewing gum??? (i don't swallow it :p) and sometimes cheese on toast, but only with fatty cheeses like mature cheddar.

So my crohns and i came to an understanding, i eat what i like, and we take the rough with the smooth. screw it :p
lol @ Rick! That's kinda how I'm feeling at the min. I totally agree on the coffee thing though - but hey it kinda works in my favour if I feel constipated lol

I've been keeping a food diary over the last few weeks and I've noticed that minced beef is a definite no-no in terms of pain, bloating and visits to the shrine otherwise known as the toilet. How my body feels as soon as I've eaten that and the day after is not good......buuut saying that I love lasagne so i guess if I occasionally want to eat it I'll just have to suffer the consequences!

Soybean xx
Well i like mince etc, and its a 50/50 if red meat effects me or helps.

But new GF is making spag bol tonight, and i really love it, so i hope all will be well :)
I know exactly what you mean. My friends mother made stew and that made the day horribly embarassing for me