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Left abdoman pain?

Only one poop today with a lil blood and now left abdoman pain could this be constipation maybe? I never have d just C but this is a new pain to m
Below the left rip the actual lower part of the left rib is sore to the touch as well? But the pain is constant from below my left rib cage to my left lower abdoman? It feels like a poop pain just nothing happening I ate a ton of cheese pizza yesterday and that's when the bleeding started too
I get this too, so far no-one has worked out what it is as my Crohn's is on the right, they have suggested that it could be referred pain, but I think I am going to ask for some more thorough testing. Sorry I can't be more helpful, hopefully it goes away for you soon.
I had a bm this morning and seems to be doing a lot better but I'm having blood after a bm now for the last 3 days no pain at all just some blood on the toilet paper then it's gone? Maybe where I was constipated it aggravated something up there I called my doc he didn't seem to concerned or didn't even want me to step back up on my steriods but he said give it a while if it gets worse or start having pain to call him back? Oh well after u get ur test let me know what they say thanks for the replies