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Left Humira pen on table for 6 hrs.

Hey everyone.
I took out my Humira pen from refrig and let it get a lil more room temp like alwyas for about 30 mins....well I forgot about it. 6 hours later I saw it on the kitchen counter.

My ques is the room has central air. so the temp was cool not hot. not in the sum or anything. and sealed in its pen packet still.

It looked fine thru the lil glass window, I took it...it feeled the same as always..
I hope it works with the same effect, and I didn't 'wast' an injection.

Anyone know how long is too long to leave the pen out?
I can feel the soreness on my thigh, so the med def. went in, and seems like normal.

The room has central air luckily, so it couldnt have gotten too warm, prob like 70 degrees or less.
When I made enquiries with my provider I was told the pens could be stored at "room temperature" (in the UK) for a maximum one time period of 12 hours.
thanks Beth,
I also called Humira today..they told me, based on what I did, leaving it out at room temp. around 70 degrees, not in sunlight etc, that the Humira was still stable, and well within the alotted time frame. And that I got the full benefits from the injection etc. so tha is good news.
stevereds, in the days or week that followed from the time you took the Humira after it had been left out for six hours, did you feel the same as always, or do you think you became sicker before the next pen was due?

Did you notice any increased Crohn's illness after taking the Humira that had been left out for six hours? Or do you think that you did, indeed, get the full therapeutic effect?

I didnt notice a difference eithee way, but then again after taking Humira for over 3 months weekly now, Not sure if it is working or ever has worked. I was hoping it would be the miracle drug like it has been for others, but many of my symptoms are still the same.