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Leg and Ankle Swelling

Hi All - I am new to Humira. I had my first loading dose (the four shots) almost two weeks ago and will be doing my next two tomorrow. I have noticed over the last two weeks my legs and ankles are swollen. I do have joint pain and from time to time my ankles do swell. They seem more swollen than usual and the leg swelling seems strange. Wondering if it could be the Humira? Anyone else have this? I asked my Rhumy the other day and she didn't think they were related. Thanks!

Hi I'm on humira aswell but still very new to it, only been about a month. I have had swollen ankles and they are very painful and also shortness of breath. I do get inflam arthritis so I don't know if it's that just being funny but the shortness of breath does scare me. If your doc doesn't think it's related it might be your ankles are swollen because your still new to humira and it hasn't had a chance to get to helping the ankles yet. This is what I'm hoping the case is with me aswel I've got an appointment tomorrow to get it checked out.
Hope it gets better for you soon x