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Leg pain for the last 2 weeks

So I have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, and right now all I'm doing is 2 shots of humira a week. Humira has done crap for me, but the doctor wants to exhaust humira option before trying something else. Right now I just have crazy leg achiness when I wake up in the morning, and lingers for a good part of the day. Tylenol hasn't helped, and I had a doctor appt yesterday and he's not sure why I have the pain. Does anyone else get this? If so how do you deal with it? I try soaking in the bathtub, but that temporary relief. I hate being on my feet, and I'm usually on my feet for 6 hours or so straight at work
I have bad joint pain in my hips and knees. Not sure if that's where your achiness is, but it helps me to keep my legs up with a pillow under my knees. At work, I have a foot rest under my desk. This keeps the pressure off. Since you stand a lot, perhaps your footware will make a difference.

It also helps me if I keep my legs covered (I have a pashmina in my drawer at work); they say different people respond differently to heat and cold, but cold definitely makes me worse. Hope that helps.
Also, not sure if it is related but last fall I started having pain in my left leg and knee. Mine was neuropathy. Ask your doctor. Best wishes.
I don't have any pain in my hip. It's just below my knees, and goes all the way down to my feet. I might as well try some of those gel insoles, and see if that helps my feet at least. Usually the achiness comes, and goes and I have never had it this long in a row. I found it interesting that the doctor didn't really know why I have the pain, but honestly didn't seem to think it was a big deal...or maybe a priority at this point. Either way it sucks waking up.
I just started Humira and I have leg/muscle pain as well this week. For instance when I stretch it feels like I pulled something and takes a few minutes to stop hurting. Not sure if this is similar to what you are experiencing. I get it especially in the morning. Walking up stairs has started to become a little painful at times.
It doesn't feel like I pulled something, it's more of like I went hiking up a mountain, and now I'm paying for it the next morning. My legs do feel like they are about to give out when walking up the stairs sometimes
So I have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, and right now all I'm doing is 2 shots of humira a week.
Unfortunately, leg pains are one of the side effects with humira.

Best to talk with your doctor about maybe a lower dose.

I was having bad leg pains and cramping. Turned out I had a deficiency in magnesium. I started supplementing and the pains vanished. I was taking a powder in water orally.

But they also make a magnesium spray, that you could just spray directly onto your legs for pain relief. You could also try something like Tiger Balm.

Some medications (not sure if humira is one of then) can also cause magnesium in your body to deplete. Although I suspect the pains are just one of humiras side effects.

Check with your doctor