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Leg pain from Prednisone

What is the best pain reliever for horrible pain in legs due to prendisone? I am having terrible, terrible pain in my legs at night and in the morning, and I guess it is a side effect of taking Prednisone for Crohn's. I've been on it for 6 weeks now, and they have me on high doses, just starting to taper and it's killing me. I have been taking Tylenlol, is there something better that anybody might know of? Thanks!


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Can you talk to your doctor (GI or GP) to prescribe something a little stronger like Tylenol 3 or Tramadol etc.? Often times stronger pain meds can make you very tired and some even make you nauseous/vomit. Its up to you and your doctor to figure out if those side effects are worse than the pain. In the meantime you could try a heating pad if you haven't already. I know that adding heat often made my legs feel better when they were cramping.