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Leg Pains

Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone gets the odd leg pain, it feels like the bone. This usually happens when I have had a long day on my feet or walking for an extended period.

Does anyone know what this is and how to help with the pain?
I know exactly what pain your talking about except my pain happens in my legs, arms, and hips. Went to my doctor yesterday and he refered me to a rheumatologist. In the mean time for the pain he gave me Ultram to take. The pain is very bad. I am 29 and when the pain gets to be too much its debilitating.
Yes, now that you mention it I do get it in the arm at times. It's funny, you get so used to pain that it seems normal.

Do you know the cause?
My pain besides the symptoms from crohns it possibly got worse for me with the increase in the remicade dosage that I am on. My pain does not seem normal ! I know about getting used to pain in certain aspects, but when it starts to be debilitating I cannot get used to it! I cannot accept this it hurts too much and usually I can handle pain well.
I'm seeing my doctor for the same kind of pain today.
Haven't slept for the past few weeks due to hip pain...
first one hip starts and it wakes me up....
I roll over and that hip starts hurting and also my legs..
It's a severe pain...not just an ache.

Strange I hardly notice it during the day.
Yes Dern Crohns!!! I am trying to make an appointment with the rheumatologist that I was referred to and I was told to leave a message and he will get back to me with the date and time of the appointment. Never heard of that kind of appointment making procedure before but I will see what happens. I also have an appointment with another crohns specialist in NYC monday. Hopefully he will have some suggestions for my doctor. Might have to come off the Remicade and possibly start Cimzia. I am not sure yet. Whatever will get me better I am willing to take!
Since my last surgory, me going onto Cymzia and turning 36, my knees at times just feel like they could explode. I don't usually get it anywhere else in my body .. Just me knees. My dads side has a history of bad knees though and I have an uncle on my moms side who is wracked with RA, so I chalk it up to Crohns + other Genetics. I have other aches and pains, but it's usually just normal stuff and a visit to the Chriopractor(sp???) usually clears that up.


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I've been getting the same pains since I was a child. It's usually in my legs around my calf but can go from my ankle to my hip. I thought they were pains from growing up but I still get them even today and I'm 27. I've never been told what they are and I can't imagine that a 9 year old kid would have osteoporosis.
Hey Crabby,

I have the exact same thing, always have since I can remember. For me it feels like my shins...and I was always told groing pains aswell. I'm 27 and and 5'6" I did not have that much growing. My pains are quite infrequent, usually after a long day on my feet. How about you? How often are the pains?


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My pains were just about daily as a child. Now they are pretty rare (maybe five times a year as of late). I've never had to do any strenuous activity to get them though. The last time I had any leg pain was about a month ago and I haven't been working lately or going to school. So much of my time spent has been laying around watching TV where when I was younger, I was constantly moving. I'm only 5'4" so I didn't grow much either not to mention the fact that I took high doses of prednisone when I was 9 which most likely stunted my growth.

My second oldest sister also has crohns and I know she gets leg pains also. I'll have to ask my oldest sister and younger brother if they get them as well.

Along with being told that they were growing pains, I was also told that it could be dehydration. Not a far fetched idea where I'm concerned but I doubt that's all it is.
If the pain radiates from your joints, usually for me it would be hip, knee, ankle .. Chances are you got some syatic activity. A few visits to a chiropractor should straight'n it out. From what I understand, a nerve gets caught in or near your hip socket which is where the pain starts. Sometimes if you stretch out your hip you can free it up and get some relief, but it will probably just be temporary until you have it checked out.

I'm 6'3" and when I was a kid I remember having tons of "growing pains".

If it would happen to be syatic, it's probably not directly related to crohns.
Hey Jennjenn What Is Cimzia? Is It Like Remicade Or Humira? And For The Post, For Me Its More The Joints Like My Knee. The Weird Thing Is Last Night I Was Up All Night Because Both Of My Knees Were Killing Me. If I'd Get Up I Could Barely Walk. Eventually Calmed Down Enough To Sleep After Taking Some Motrin (big No No). But During That Time My Hips And Ankles Were Bothering Me Also, As Well As The Bones In Between. And Right Now There All Kinda Stiff As Well As My Right Shoulder Aches And Right Elbow Hurts. I Tell You This Isnt A Disease... Its A Curse.
so people are still having this while taking the immune suppressants?

I am about to start Imuran to deal with migratory arthritic pain resurfacing in my ankles and knees. (No sign of the Arimathea nodosum coming back yet at least! yay for small favors :D)I thought the idea behind it was to get me away from meds like Celebrex and control the immune response with suppression instead of cox2 inhibitors.