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Leg weakness and tremors

Hi, all

I have Crohn's. I was on pred for four months trying to control flares, with three hospital admissions during which I was on IV hydrocortisone in between. I was experiencing a lot of muscle weakness in my legs (they actually gave way a few times), and developed a tremor in my hands. I put this down to being a side effect of the pred, but neither have gone away since I've been off it. I was expecting the weakness and tremor to lessen as my dose reduced but this didn't happen, either. Have also been getting monster headaches.

I saw my GP who ordered a barrage of blood tests, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems.
I had bad tremors while on pref and teeth hot cold sensitivity. Lots of other weird effects would come and go. One leg swelled up then went back to normal.

The teeth sensitivity took months to go away once I was off of prednisone. But it did go away eventually. Good to ask the doctor about it. Good chance it will resolve itself over time.

Hi, Dan

Thanks for replying. I've been left with horrendously sensitive teeth, too. Even breathing hurts them sometimes! Gotta love Crohn's: if the illness doesn't cause problems it's the treatment doing it!
Don't try eating an ice cream cone. Ha ha. That will stop you in your tracks.

Yeah, it's not any fun. I hope I never have to use prednisone again. It's the weirdest drug I have ever used side effect wise.

Milkshake was bad enough!!

It certainly has a fair few. Any problems with mood swings? I turned into Jekyll and Hyde when I was on 60mg. it was hellish!
Hard to tell, I was so sick at the time my mood would not have been very positive regardless. Lots of pain, so very little sleep for months.

Don't want to go back to that if I can help it.