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Legally disabled - Social Security

I guess this is more of an informal poll, but I have been doing a lot of research on Crohn's and at what point someone is considered legally disabled. I am sure its different for each country so please forgive my ignorance. If you are in the US, have you tried for Social Security Disability? How did it go and what happened? At what point does your country consider you disabled? Social security in the US does not officially recognize Crohn's as one of the "your immediately disabled" diseases (like cancer for example). Its reviewed on a case by case basis. I am in sales, and its getting progressively harder for me to do my job, but I attribute that to my current flare. When I was in remission, I had no issues. If I have to have another surgery, I can see it causing a major impact on my ability to work in my current profession.

So what are your thoughts, experiences, ect...


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I live in Texas and am on state disability. I applied twice and got it on the second try. The way I understand it is this. This applies to SSI only. If you are well enough to do ANY job you are not disabled.
I too would be interested in knowing when to consider SSI. My last doctor visit he asked me if it was time to consider it. Im only in my early 50's so it took me by surpise that he thought I was at that point.
I just dont know what I would do if I couldnt work. But it gets tough to dragging myself into work when I dont feel good. My husband is awesome but I already feel like a burden to him. SSI would be big cut in income. What about medical bills if you are married? M
I'm on SSI and have been for a couple years now. I was accepted six months after I applied. I have not had any surgery's but my crohn's is debilitating enough that I am unable to work or go to school regularly and am hospitalized with flares pretty frequently.
I have been on SSI and SSDI for about 13 years now. If we had known just how bad things would be, my parents would have applied when I was first diagnosed at age 8!

At 23 with four small bowel resections under my belt, my surgeon told me to apply. Denied the first time, but after another SBR, I was cleared.

Sometimes you just get to that point and have to fold on this decision. I'm also on MaineCare and food stamps. It's not enough to live on my own, but I can't get married as his insurance won't cover me the way the state will. Oh, and he works for the state, at the State House.

Not at all how I want to live my life, but I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I cannot work. I can barely walk to the mailbox and back without almost passing out due to the pain.

Hope this helps some.
I am on SSD since March 2011. Had pretty mild Crohn’s for about 15 years until I developed anal fistula. 2 surgeries later - failed plug and fistulatomy, 2 c diff's, lost 40 lbs, post fistulatomy wound did not heal correct and left me with “keyhole deformity" in my anus. I am leaking post BM, rectal pain and rectal spasms. Started with short term disability from work that rolled it to long term disability. Disability Company made me apply for SSD and assisted with paper work. Was awarded SSD in 3 months the fist time. Taking Humira for 6 month's, that helped with belly pain, dria and cramps. :poo: