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Is it ok to throw a whole lemon in the juicer or should I remove the skin first? I use organic produce so I was thinking that maybe it would be ok. I'd love to get some opinions on this.

Thanks :smile:
I remove the pith (assuming you have an electric juicer). While the rind has nutritional and flavor value, the pith is generally pretty bitter and doesn't add a lot nutrition-wise. Remove it if you can (you can always zest the lemon first and use the zest in cooking or add back to the juice). If you are very ambitious, you can dry the pith and make your own pectin powder from it.


definitely remove it. Like oranges, it has a horrible bitter taste and also forms lumps in the juice
As a word of caution, such a hard peel may overload the motor of some juicers, causing irreparable damage.
Since its organic go ahead juice it, that is if your juicer can handle it. Might be alittle bitter with the peel but lemon peel(just like orange peel) itself has benefits.
Yeah I've just been throwin the whole lemon in there. I think it tastes a bit like a lemon starburst when I leave the skin on it :biggrin: