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Length between infusions

How long do you go between infusions. I finished my start doses in June and go 8 weeks in between infuses now, but I am at 7 weeks and I had a flare. Should I ask to go 6 weeks next time? Really concerned that 8 weeks maybe too long for me. Thank you!
I guess a test to check for remicade levels will be good idea. Sometimes a shorter time between infusions or an increase of the dose will do the trick.
I was there yesterday and my DR wants to try one more round at 8 weeks since it was my first round after my loading doses. If I fail to make it the full 8 weeks, we will try every 6 weeks.
Glad your DR is on top of things. I hope remicade does wonders and you achieve remission soon. My daughter has been on it for very close to 3 years and she is doing great. Let us know how it goes.
I really relate to this post. understand its bit old time wise. but wanted to check in..
I am at this point right now, questioning whether a shorter 5 to 6 week seemed to work better. doctor stretched it recently over 8 weeks, BOOM! I began having flares again. I agree with the shorted weekly dosage. He rather bump me from 400 mg to 700 for 8 weeks. This stuff is poison. doesn't anyone read the warning labels on remicade? ugh. good luck.