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Lesbian daughter with crohn's feeling sick and isolated

My daughter has been diagnosed with crohns disease for 2 years now, and has told me she is a lesbian. Fine fantastic I don't care. But she has been going through depression, and is isolated, with no friends, as well as suffering with Crohns.
I would like her to have some facebook friends or twitter friends, or email friends, as she is lonely, and can not talk to anyone about her problems. She feels no one will understand. She doesn't know anyone with Crohns, or anyone who is a lesbian, and that there is no one that are both out there, she thinks she is the only one.
she doesn't go out because of feeling sick and scared accidents might happen, and I know meeting people would help and grow her confidence, so the only way I think might help is talking to people who are the same online.
Please if anyone fancies having a pal online let me know so I can get her some friends.
she is 17 nearly 18.
worried mommy. xxxx


Thanks for being a great and supportive mom by reaching out. She is definitely not the only lesbian with crohns and we have many females here who completely understand that experience. We also have had parents like you with gay kids, we are a very diverse bunch.

Id recommend your daughter definitely sign up for an account here and join us. We have many gay and supportive straight people with Crohn's from around the world but especially several in the UK.
Welcome to the forum! I agree with NGNG, ask her to check us out :) Very awesome group of peeps on here, and pretty much no matter what she is going through, there is usually at least one other that has gone through it or similar


As a lesbian with Crohn's Disease I know how isolating it can be. We'd love to have her here and I encourage you to help her make the decision to sign up. :)
Hello, I found this site searching for how best to support my daughter.
I identify strongly with your fears for your daughter. My 20 year old daughter has just confided in me that she is lesbian and feels lonely and isolated. She does not have Crohn's but had major surgery resulting in short bowel syndrome and suffers many of the same symptoms and challenges. As a result she also cannot tolerate alcohol and this further leads to her social isolation. I am lucky in that she has a sister she is very close to. Please tell your daughter she is not the only one battling to find her place in the world. I agree with you that it is more the social challenges due to health issues that makes dealing with any other new territory scary for her ( and us!). As mums we just want to fix everything and I hope that I can offer an ear or some support :)