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Let me introduce myself....

Hi Everyone,
I have been on the forums here for awhile, but never really had the chance to introduce myself and tell me story. I always find it interesting reading others stories, so I thought mine might interest a few.
Everything began for me when I was 14. I had gone over to a friends for dinner, no big deal. On the way home on the bus, I told a friend I didn't feel well. I felt like maybe the flu was coming on. Got off the bus, colapsed, had a massive grand mal seizure, flown to sick kids hospital, and in a coma for one week. At the one week point, I woke up and felt fine. Doctors were convinced it was a seizure disorder, yet all tests came back fine. Two months to the day, same situation happened, grand mal seizure, coma for one week, woke feeling fine. The only thing that seem to linger was I didn't have control of my bowel movements. So, the doctor said I must of caught a infection, gave me meds for a few weeks and I was fine.
Fast forward 4 years, I am 18. Out of nowhere I start getting strong intense abdominal cramps, vomitting, diarrhea, weight loss, and pale. Doctors did all kinds of tests and everything came back fine. Finally did a colonoscopy and it showed crohns in small bowel. I was referred to a GI, he smoked in his office, told me to prepare myself for a life full of surgeries, and pretty much life would be over for me by age 30. He thought I would be bed ridden by age 30.I never saw him again. I now see a GI that I trust with my life. I have not had surgery (almost 38 years old). I have had bumps in the road, flares, and an obstruction, but I remain positive and take things one day at a time. I started with pentasa for a few years, then switched to Imuran. When I got pregnant in 2008 I went off all meds and enjoyed 9 months of freedom from crohns. After giving birth, Imuran no longer worked and I have been on Humira for a little over 3 years.
I'm currently in a mini flare, but I consider myself lucky and pray everyday. My current GI dr thinks I got an infection (some kind of food poinsoning) that caused the seizure and as a result, crohns. Who really knows.
I come to these boards to hopefully offer and recieve support. And maybe a little company on my journey. No one really understands crohns unless you are going through it.
Geez Dr smoked in his office.. and from what he told you, that must have been the worst experience in the world.
Luckily I was so young that I don't remember thinking about it too much. It was more my parents that decided to fun a new doctor.