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Lets Count Our Blessings :-)

GI diseases can be hard on us all, and sometimes we have moments where we just want to scream (and do!). It's hard at times to remember the good things we've been blessed with in life.

What are some things you can count your blessings for today?

I guess I'll start..

I'm blessed to have two sweet kitties who love me unconditionally, a man in my life who loves me as much as possible lol, and food on my table (even if sometimes it doesnt like me hehe)...

I am blessed to have a son and husband who are going through this disease with me and they try so hard to help me and I know it is rough for them. I feel bad for them to have to deal with my health issues. And I am totally thankful for my 5 adorable cats who always seem to cheer me up!
I am blessed to have my hubs and my 2 kids, they are the biggest gifts! And to say that even in all the years I've had Crohn's, I still feel lucky, I know it could be much worse.


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I am blessed to have had a long and (mostly) happy marriage (46yrs).and although I have a few health problems they pale into insignificance when compared too most.Every day I tell myself how lucky I am.I've also got an idiot dog who thinks I am his world(apart from food and his ball)

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I am blessed to have my husband who's been with me over 12 years along with a few flare ups. Plus, at the moment I have 5 very spoiled chickens who think they need to be fed & entertained every second of the day!
I'm blessed to have 3 beautiful vibrant girls and a husband of 19 years who loves me more than i deserve at times. Not forgetting the 250 pound pig who thinks she belongs in your lap and to be sung to sleep, loving dogs, 2 kitties and the wonderful horses. Most of all, i am thankful for our health and each day we wake up to enjoy another one together.
I am blessed with an excellent GI doc, a wonderful surgeon, and beautiful son, a roof over my head, a great job, and the cutest little dog that sits like a gopher on her butt on command.