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Let's talk poop...

Okay, since we have NO modesty left from this lovely disease, I was wondering if anyone, since being on any of the immunosuppresant drugs has noticed their bowel movements are now long and narrow. Most times mine are the thickness of a straw and as long as 2 feet! Sometimes they are wider but not often - Anyone else notice this? I am not complaining as this is MUCH preferred than the constant diarrhea, just kinda schocking...


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I've noticed mine sometimes are quite thin (though not as thin as a straw, more like the width of a ziti pasta - lol). Not sure why as I've never been told I have a stricture.
Mine get this way from time to time as well too. Someone else did mention this problem before and I believe someone who commented (yeah, I don't remember who) mentioned that it could just be thinner due to inflammation and such. I wondered a few times if it was due to a stricture or something to worry about, but then other times they are larger and normal formed ... so I doubt a stricture would go back and forth. heh No idea. But it seems to be common among us Crohnnies.

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That's probably me, Shan. At least, I'm one of t

If I don't have D, I have loooooooong, thiiiiiiiiin poo. I asked my doc, and he said that a lot of times, it's typical for us.
Sign me up! I sometimes have the long skinny poop thing too. If it was all the time I'd be worried. Sometimes I think it's a dietary thing, other times I think it's just squished by spasms or inflammation.

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Me too!!! In fact, I just started a thread about it today, before I saw this one! For me, it gets skinnier as the day progresses. First thing in the morning...fairly normal. By lunch time...green beans.
I'm no expert, but I would guess it has something to do with inflammation and such. That could be why it gets thinner as the day goes on. More inflammation and irritation. <shrug>