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Let's throw Methotrexate into the mix!


Hiya everyone, hope you're doing ok xx
I've not been well last couple of weeks, LRQ pain, diarrhea, nausea, dizzy etc. I was worried sick that an obstruction was brewing.
I went to my consultation yesterday and saw a new gastro, mine's on annual leave. He was very good and knew his Crohn's!
He said that given my symptoms and how I feel, the Humira isn't responding, something about anti bodies. He didn't see any point in making the Humira weekly, so he's adding Methotrexate into the mix. I'm still going to do the fortnightly Humira injections.
MTX on a Monday, oral 25mg
Folic Acid on a Friday 10mg.
I have read quite a bit on the forum about MTX, and some success stories, but I need tips.
I'm already nauseated and feel like throwing up.
When shall I take the MTX? Morning or night?
What can I take to halt the nausea, one of the side effects of MTX?
Is it best to have a full stomach when I take them?
Does it cause drowsiness, will I be able to drive?
Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks xxx
Astra, my son was on weekly oral dose of MTX for about 9 months, he also took 25mg. He started off taking his on Friday night at bedtime. The GI recommended this as he said a lot of people to experience nausea, flu-like symptoms and that way he would have Saturday to rest. He took 1mg of folic acid every day.

I have read on here that many members have the side effects with MTX but C never experienced any of the side effects. His dose eventually got moved Wednesday due to a viral fever he had and the GI wanting to wait to ensure he was over the virus.

He did eventually switch to morning just due to the fact that is when he took his allergy meds as well as vitamins and it was easier to remember then.

There are several members that experienced the side effects with the oral doses of MTX but switched to MTX injections and didn't have those problems.

I hope MTX helps and gets things under control.


Thank you Clash xxx
Good to know that C didn't have the side effects. Hopefully I won't.
I'm just worried cos if I take them on a Monday I'm going to be ill at work.
Doc said Monday = M for Methotrexate, and Friday = F for Folic acid, to remember
I'd rather take it Friday so at least I can rest on Saturday, well we'll see how it goes.
Hi Astra

I'm starting injections this Friday. My GI said that injections tend to not cause as much nausea as they bypass the guts (makes sense I suppose).

Like you I was worried about how this med would affect my job, so that is why I chose Friday.

Hope it works for you & you start to feel better soon.


Thanks Carol, CeeCeeGo

I hope it works for you too. I haven't noticed any change yet, but it's early days. I don't feel nauseous tho, so that's a good sign xxx
Hi Astra

I saw your other Metho post giving a tip about how to take it & like you said I am really nervous about the nausea & vomiting.

My GI has given me anti-nausea tablets and hopefully I won't need them.

Oh we'll, I am off in 30 mins for the first jab.

Take care and let's hope it works for both of us.

After finally getting a proper dx of Crohn's 4 days ago, my GI boosted me up to 8 Pentasa a day

She also put me on 1mg of Folic acid per day & I start Methotrexate jabs on Thursday

I'm so nervous I could spit cotton

Hope Joan & Carol are doing well


Staff member
Hi there , just wishing you well again soon. I was on Methotrexate injections for 4 months and experienced some hair loss. It did nothing for the inflammation so I am now on Infliximab injections, and doing well, just tire easily. We are all individuals and can respond differently. Crohns is such a fickle and difficult illness. Best wishes.
Thanks for the info, Honey

My biggest concern is being too sick to work

That's why I elected Thursday as jab day
I'm off on Fridays & hopefully that will give me a chance to regroup for Saturday

Gastro said 4 weeks & then she will evaluate again

Will keep you posted as to how it hits me
Hi guys

Well I have had 5 MTX injections now and the main side effects are feeling ropey the day after (tired, headaches, diarrhoea/loose) but this does seem to be diminishing. Bloods are all OK so far, but I can't say that I've noticed any benefit to my Crohns yet, but it is early days.

I just hope it works as I am fed up trying new meds and then reacting to them and having to wait until you can try something new.

With regard to MTX I was really nervous about vomiting & nausea so that is why I chose to self-inject. It is a doddle! I've had some nausea (first few times) but anti-nausea meds helped here and no vomiting!

Good luck droopy!
Had my first jab Thursday

Extreme fatigue on Friday, but no nausea
Pentasa increased to 8 per day & 1mg Folic acid

B12 increased to weekly injections

So far so good
Hope it doesn't screw with my kidneys & liver
Had MTX self injections 25mg weekly since 16th aug. No improvement at all until last week when at last I am pain free of the arthritis and only abdo pain which I have had for three years. Very nauseous on the day of the injections but decrease during the week. Worth it to get rid of the arthritus pain. The less I eat the better but that is not good. I also have pentasa, folic acid, arimidex, elthyroxine.
I am always thirsty. I go everywhere with a bottle of water I must drink about a gallon a day. I have decided that this is as good as it is going to get. The world is not perfect so I will not be able to get my healthy self back but 60% is reasonable.