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Leves of Remicade. Change to 10mg/4weeks

I have crohn's colitis being treated with infliximab 5MG/4 weeks, aza and pentasa. But I am going to change to 10MG, because the dose of 5 has already stopped working for me.

My levels now are about 13. They were about 15 when it worked for me.

What are your levels usually being in remission? Do you think that increasing the medication could help in my case?
Hello, levels of 13 are good for infliximab. Usually anything over 4 is considered good. My son's GI likes to see about 7 to 10. If you are already at 13 and it isn't working, I'm not sure an increase will make a difference. What does your doctor say? Previously, my son's levels were at near zero and doubling the dose from 5 to 10mg made a huge difference for him.
My doctor is in favor of switching to another drug, but I asked him to try the last chance.

The change scares me because if I change infliximab will no longer be among the possible options. (I only used it for 10 months). After all, each body is different. Maybe I need more levels than other people.. Actually, I would not like living with the doubt of not trying at maximum doses, but perhaps it will all be a waste of time


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If 13 already isn't working then it feels like doubling the dose is a bit of a long shot. But IMO it's still worth trying to see if Remicade effectiveness can be retrieved for you. Sometimes if you give a big enough dose the drug can overpower the anti-drug antibodies that are causing the loss of response.

You want to hang on to your first biologic as long as possible, because the follow-on biologics often do not work as well as the first one did.
Yes. I think it's worth a try and not living with the doubt. Who determines what level each one needs? they really don't know. My ulcers are deep and probably difficult to heal, I currently weigh 39 kilos at the age of 36. So not very standard. I will write here about how it went.