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Lialda bi-mart oregon area heads up

I was informed by Bi-mart that they were loosing too much money on Lialda prescriptions so they are no longer going to carry it at any bimart location in the state. If anyone else out there uses bimart might want to ask them before your next refill...

2days to find a new one or ask my dr for samples/cover help.

Tomorrow becomes a forced day off from work to go around and talk with and find a new pharmacy. Pretty disappointing wasn't expecting to have a pharmacy fire me as a patient/customer.
Ran into same issue. Found Lialda 'knock off' at globalcarerx.com. Am now paying I think .53 $/pill and I can buy 200 at a time or even 400 (which I'll do next prescription. Just tell your doctor to write the script for them. You need to scan it and send it when you order.