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Lialda not working?

I have had 2 abscesses in the past from diverticulitis. I had my 2end colonoscopy beginning of the year. It showed active bleeding from my diverticula and 2 spots of UC.

I have been on 4 Lialda a day for about 45 days. At first I was doing 4 every morning, but ended up with bad cramping till around lunch, sometimes I could poop and it would help and some times not. Doc told me to take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. Since starting the Lialda I have been daily cramping and have not had a decent texture BM.

My Doc says I have to have 1 more (3 total) abscess to have surgery. He says there is only about 1" that needs to be removed.

I have been bleeding for about 2 years, but blood work always looks good. I just got my last Lactoferrin Fecal Quantitative test back and scored a 78 (I have seen much higher). For the last 57 days I have been on a soft food diet. Mostly eat rice and soup (no cream, no tomatoes, no beef, or pork).

I'm at the point where I'm lost on what to do.
I can not go to a different hospital system because of my insurance. I tried to get a second opinion with in my hospital system, but they will only do a chart review.
I don't think Lialda is all that strong of a drug. You probably need to ask your doctor about a stronger medicine.