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Life Expectency

How long do you think we can live like this..I mean I'm 43 I don't think I am going to die today...But, don't you think this shortens our life? Are we going to die from crohns? What the heck! Any good wisdom? Sue
Well I'm almost 52 and so far I'm still alive. This is a good question and one I have never thought about. I guess its because I feel that if its going to happen there isn't a thing I can do to stop it.
born in the summer of love myself Sue and I plan on sticking around for a long time.

The 10 year incidence of colorectal cancer is pretty discouraging for my situation, but with all that has gone on I think I am ahead of the game with respect to monitoring and early intervention. What would really suck is never being diagnosed or thinking I cured my self with alogell or something and then getting nailed with a butt full of cancer because no one was looking.
Pirate..I'm feeling like captain of my poop ship...My rectum hurts. :( So, I'm sitting here or should I say Shi8&&in here feeling sorry for me....You've had yours longer, I am just feeling sorry for my butt...and me...Oh well...My grandparents or in their ninties...I want to get there too! S :)
Sue, I have spent many hours feeling sorry for myself for the last 24 yrs. I've learned that my life will be what I can make of it when things are good. I still have my moments of self pity, but I have learned to go with the flow. Of course it helps that I have a wonderful person that pushes me to get up and moving when things are bad.
I am sorry that you are feeling bad right now, but remember that things could be worse. I know, "How can it be worse than what I'm feeling right now?" Believe me, it can. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old great nephew that has spent his whole life in and out of hospitals with Hirshsprung disease. They have done 3 surgeries to put in 3 differant stomas and to reconnect his colon only to have to go back in and do a new stoma. And everytime I see this poor little guy, he's happy. No matter what they do to him he's happy and smiling.
So I think to myself, what do I have to complain about. It has really changed how I look at my disease.

I hope you get feeling better. It really sucks to feel the way your feeling.


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As long as you continue to see your doctor on a regular basis and continue to get treatment, I don't see why you wouldn't live as long or longer than your grandparents. We live in a world of modern science and medicine and those only improve over time.

I plan on living forever personally. There's still time for someone to figure out immortality. ;)


I plan on living forever....or being abducted by aliens...whichever comes first.


Sue - I hear ya loud and clear. You and I both thought we were done with disease when we got our j-pouches and were "cured" of ulcerative collitis, only to get a new diagnosis of Crohn's disease. I still struggle with the diagnosis of a chronic disease - this sucker is forever!

We all take our health very seriously, seeing doctors regulary and paying attention to our bodies - we are probably better off than most "healthy" people out there because of our vigilance.

I am scared, too, that I will face surgery again. This is always scary, moreso if you've already been under the knife a couple times. I think it's normal to worry, especially when you have little ones at home.

Try to focus on getting better right now. That's the best thing you can do for yourself and your family! Don't fret about how long you might or might not live or life will pass you by for sure.

And remember - you will never get colon cancer! Woo hoo!!

- Amy

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Hey Sue you can't think of it that way. The worst time for your brain to scare you is when you are in a flare. I think we have our pity parties and feel scared at the time but in time it all blows over and you wonder why you put yourself through that. You will get some relief soon, and when you do, new doors open up. Stay calm and relax, as much as you can. We all have our days and I do think of it once in a while but you can get yourself in a depression which is more harmful to your body. Hang tight ok.
"No one lives forever, no one. But with advances in modern science and my high level income, it's not crazy to think I can live to be 245, maybe 300." -Ricky Bobby


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why not think about our mortality?
we all are gonna die one day.
if i only have 10years left then i am damn well gonna enjoy them.
i for one dont want to live to be 100 years old.


hi Sue
I have thoughts on this, my Dad aged 58 went to work and we didn't see him again, he was killed in an industrial accident, long story, but it not only changed my life forever, it made me stop and think about my illness, and stop wallowing in it, and if I didn't my Dad would be spinning in his grave!
No-one knows what's gonna happen from one day to the next, Dad certainly didn't that day, I'm a believer in Fate, everything happens for a reason, it was his time that day, so be it.
so I try not to dwell on it too much, having said that, I did have a bit of a wobble 6 weeks ago, in hospital when GI told me I nearly died!
so I am now, and that's all we Crohnies can do!
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I can remember laying in the ER under the influence of Diluadid and telling the ER doc that , "No, I don't drink or Smoke, but if I knew my life would end up like this I would have done it!"...Of course I don't really advocate living a reckless lifestyle, but life just isn't fair sometimes!.....I just try to enjoy my life, good and bad , and I rely heavily on my faith....Yes, it can really bite the big one sometimes, but it can also really knock your socks off!....This is just a rough season in your life Sue, things always change. Don't get dicouraged. If you need to talk to someone, we will listen.
Medically speaking, it is super rare to die from Crohn's. I remember reading that when I was first dx'ed. Sure you can make the argument that the daily stuff we go through could take some years off. But who doesn't deal with crap? I mean ours can be worse than others, but life is about being knocked down and getting back up again. And just like others have said, it could be much worse.

I totally understand the mental side of this- its not fun thinking about. But the reality is we are all going die one day, so live it to the fullest. I actually have begun to take comfort in the fact that there are some things out of my control. Live healthy, take care of the conditions we can, and remain positive. Thats all you can do!

On a more serious side, if you really are having problems coping with this, go see someone about it. Its amazing what talking out your problems to a professional can do. I used to deal with anxiety like this until I saw someone about it.


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I don't know the numbers for women, but I understand the median life expectancy in men drops from 76 to 64.9 (I don't recall where I saw those numbers, and I don't know whether that is 64 years, 9 months or 64 & 9/10s years)...

The disease itself rarely kills, but it is a chronic illness, our immune system takes a real beating, and there are all those marvelous drug side effects to deal with. Not to mention all the stuff we get exposed to directly/indirectly as a result of the illness... Like, last week I had so many X-rays I should have glowed in the dark... and when I 1st got ill, I had 1/2 dozen CAT scans. Not to overlook the leading killer in North America (or is that statistic an urban legend?) secondary infection whilst in the health care system... I was exposed to MRSA and another one.. can't remember it now.. during my last stays in hospital. No, the disease isn't a killer per se, its living with it that kills you.
Yeah, I was thinking about talking to someone. I just need this flare to get under control. I think I will live a long life. Its just hard when this flare isn't stopping. I get up everyday, get the kids ready for school & go to work. Pick up the kids, help them with their homework, cook & clean...And Pooh in between :) all that stuff. I wouldn't have a day any other way. Love what I and my husband have created..Just want to get out of the b'room and enjoy more! :) Sue
I am guilty of forgetting how bad it felt. I have to remind myself to slow the heck down these days because it was only six short months ago I found myself asking the same questions. You'll be over this bad spell and back on top of things in no time :)


I'm with Alexandros - go talk to a mental health professional. My doctor recommended someone who is really good in dealing with patients with chronic disease. It is really helpful that she was so familiar with GI issues too.

So now I am on an anti-anxiety med, and I think it really helps keep my stress and need to control everything in check. My flip-out incidents have been reduced greatly...
I don't believe in worrying about death. A friend of mine was a fitness and health buff her whole life and died at 29 tripping over a cat and falling down stairs. You just never know so we might as well enjoy the life we have and not spend time thinking about worse case scenario. Just my 2 cents.:)
For whatever reason I really don't think Crohn's will take many years off our lives. Because we have Crohn's many of us probably drink and eat a heck of a lot healthier than non-Crohnies. I'm only young still and I still hope a cure will be around before I die.
crazycanuck said:
I still hope a cure will be around before I die.
Amen to that! The way medical technology moves we and how little answers there is for CD we should hopefully see some great advances in the coming years! I'm very optimistic about that!
Better to die young than be drooling on yourself in a Nursing home, with no clue as to who or where you are.

I never planned on living too long. I have already exceeded my expectations.

I really do not worry or think of it much. Death is just another part of life.

que sera sera



I heard on the radio this morning that 2 of the oldest people in the world died this week - they were both around 114! I don't think I want to live that long!

I'm with you Dan - if you ever find me drooling on myself, just put a pillow over my head!
Your likely a lot younger than myself. One young lady calls me Grandpa. I think I may be on the receiving end of the pillow.

I may drool on it though.


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I found that since I have had Crohn's longer than most on the CF or it's symptoms. I only think of death when I am in a full blockage, one of my biggest fears...but it does blow over and my motto is/was "I'd rather have a shorter painless life, than a long drawn out one in pain". You do have to appreciate what you do have. There are many other Crohnies on here that I would never want to trade places with, some are far worse off than I. Yes I have had my worst times, but I am older and wiser so I am careful what I wish for...cause you just might get it!

You do what you have to do. ;)