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Life Insurance for Crohn's Disease


I'm a newbie to the forum and hoping to find some help. My Wife has Crohn's disease, diagnosed over 20 years ago and thankfully is pretty well after a very rocky start.

She has recently applied for life insurance and has been given cover but at nearly three times the expected cost. We put our application with an Independent Financial Advisor who was not shocked at the cost and says it is normal. Seems ridiculous to me that it costs so much when she's been in remission for at least 10 years!

Has anyone had a good quote for crohn's disease life insurance that seemed to buck the trend?

We're UK based so I presume it would need to be a UK company.

thanks for any help

Just a quick update

I've found a site with the rather apt name of preexistingconditions.co.uk who have a load of info on life insurance for crohns disease. I've just used their step by step guide and sent an application to a specialist broker who seem to deal a lot with crohns life insurance.

I'll update you all once they come back with some figure.... fingers crossed
Sometimes you can qualify for life insurance through your employer for both yourself and your spouse. This is fairly common in the US and I would think something similar exists in the UK as well.

Life insurance premiums start to go up fast after about age 50. This is something to keep in mind when shopping around, especially if you are already being quoted high premiums.
HI, thanks for the reply. Interestingly the step by step guide on preexistingconditions.co.uk talks about insurance offered by your employer. Unfortunately my Wife is self employed so not much chance there!

Hopefully the crohns disease life insurance specialist will come up with something!
Hi all, Just a quick update, the crohns life insurance specialist that pre existing conditions suggested finally came up with a cost for the life insurance and unbelievably there was no extra premium for the crohns disease. It's with a leading Uk like insurance company and I've rung them to double check that they know about the crohns and they confirmed that as she has been in remission for so long they wont increase the cost :)

Hope this helps :)
That's really great being able to find something suitable for your wife. My wife also has the same condition so I will look into your suggestions and see what we can sort out. It's really annoying how you get treated when you have Crohn's syndrome when it comes to life insurance plan. These big shark insurance companies don't really care about whatever you have so you need to find the best solution tailored to your needs. Another important factor is the age one, so I was investigating from various sources like https://www.lifeinsuranceblog.net/life-insurance-rates-by-age to find what are the best rates for me and my wife as well.
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