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There is a forum for diet
The word is “should “ work
All meds for crohns “should “ work so you should be able to take the ones with the lowest risk
Diets - also should work

unfortunately everyone is different and what should work versus what does what are different things

Ds has mild crohns so 5-asa should have worked
They didn’t
Neither did 6-mp (went to his liver )
Remicade -allergic reaction
Ended up in humira for over 5 years
But even though humira is also used to treat juvenile arthritis
He still needed methotrexate for arthritis in addition to humira

As far as diet
Exclusive enteral nutrition is proven effective to treat crohns known as EEN
Formula only 6-9 weeks

then there is specific carbohydrates diet -SCD some adults had success with that

cced (Crohn exclusive diet ) uses formula and specific food list
Some kids /some adults some success

very individual in terms of what works and what doesn’t
Good luck
Has anyone tried using diet to control this without using meidcation? I am told that it will work.
Remember crohns is Chronic this will aways come back, diets , I never heard anyone that can crohns free , diets will help you feel healthier more energy, but, it will never be a cure"