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Lightheadedness and diziness almost unbearable


In the previous months i tend to be Lightheaded and dizzy almost the entire day, my pain also is a bit more present at my stomach. Is it possible that the two related?

I went to 2 different doctors with it. Both said I am fine. Blood/Vitamins D/folic acid/iron/Blood pressure/glucose etc. everything what i was checked with is ok.
I have no idea what to do.
I am a bit confused and pretty sure something is not "normal".

I even fainted one time, went to the hospital immediately After they checked me they said i am fine. Is it maybe a neurogical type of problem? Noone checked me for that.

Thanks for any help.
San Diego
light-headedness and fainting suggests some sort of low blood pressure or low oxygen carrying capacity in the blood. I presume they checked your blood for anemia? That can certainly cause fainting and also shortness of breath.

If not you should go back to your doctor and get fully checked out for anemia and low blood pressure.

Just a quick update if anyone interested/and can give me an advice what to do;

- I was at eye-specialist. She said my eyes are fine, there are no signs of any abnormality at all

- They checked my blood level again. I have no anemia at all. They even checked my cortisol levels in case if its because of past prednisone use. Everything normal. Only my B12 level slightly below normal but very close to normal range.

- My blood pressure I checked also the doctors. There is no sign of abnormal blood pressure any time of the day luckily.

- I was at neurologist. She said after examination everything is ok. She suggested brain MRI for me to chill down in october. She also said its maybe because of panic disorder...

- And My GI said its not related to Crohns.

I am a bit worried whats this because a few years ago i had panic attacks but it was a bit different compared to now. I was not dizzy like this.

I dont know what to check next or how to find out if its really due to panic..
If you have anxiety, you could be hyperventilating, i.e. breathing too fast.
You can try some immediate techniques to help treat acute hyperventilation:

Breathe through pursed lips.
Breathe slowly into a paper bag or cupped hands.
Attempt to breathe into your belly (diaphragm) rather than your chest.
Hold your breath for 10 to 15 seconds at a time.
There are some who say that even the low end of "normal" B12 is much too low. You could try a sublingual (under the tongue) B12 liquid or tablet and see how you feel. When I had low B12, I had anxiety and a pounding heartbeat along with fatigue and a shaky feeling.

You might want to make sure you're getting enough magnesium, but keep in mind that magnesium supplements can cause some osmotic diarrhea.

Personally, I can't tolerate gluten. The first sign that I have eaten something with gluten is a light-headed, tired, depressed feeling that comes on suddenly.
Just an update if someone is interested. I received my brain MRI and it's negative too.
I start to believe that it is panic attack and anxiety as the neurologist advised.

I eliminated vaping too since my last post and it does Seems to help a bit. I was on small amount of nicotine but it looks like no nicotine at all is the way at least for now. Although its not completely OK but looks promising.
Only my B12 level slightly below normal but very close to normal range.
After my bowel resection I had regular blood tests for B-12 levels -which were dropping but still within "normal" range. I started having serious memory and perception problems despite that. Those were signs of Pernicious Anemia, inadequate B-12.

It took a monthly injection of B-12 to bring the levels up to the top of normal range and get my brain working properly. Oral B-12 capsules didn't work because of the Crohn's and bowel resection.
There is another blood test for a metabolite of B-12, called MMA, that is also useful in diagnosing a deficiency.


from online: "Normal or high serum vitamin B-12 levels can sometimes be seen in a B-12 deficient state, and can therefore be misleading. High levels of Methymalonic Acid (MMA) and Homocysteine (HC) have been identified as better indicators of B-12 deficiency than the actual serum B-12 level itself."
Thank you for a lot of help. It was not the easy with the doctors since i posted this but I have found the solution, just as you guys pointed out.

The thing is that the docs put me on monthly B12 shots. Ever since I feel good, no neuro symptoms at all. (like 6 months ago)
Hope it stays like that, I feel this was the trick I needed.

Guys with Crohn's please push for B12 check and injections if you experience neurological symptoms.
Thanks a lot for those posting it did helped me getting onto the right track.