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Limited options for Vitamin C - any suggestions?

I cannot tolerate leafy greens, citrus fuits, or ascorbic acid supplements without severe diarrhea.

The only thing I know of I can tolerate with Vitamin C is strawberries (expensive and always go bad so fast) and sauekraut (ew).

Any other possible options?
not sure, I just bought the pill form. But there is also buffered vitamin c in the form of powder that is not acidic.
Capsicum/pepper, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, green peas, green tomatoes, radishes, kiwifruit, and pumpkin could be other options. Potatoes too. Can you get tinned strawberries where you are - or frozen? - good in smoothies. . It also might be worth checking whether raw vs cooked make a difference for you - both in how much vit c is lost, but also if it is easier to digest.

There are some databases online that are quite helpful with this sort of stuff i found kale.world recently. a bit odd, but seems useful! :)
While the plain ascorbic acid could cause issues, have you tried any buffered forms, e.g. sodium ascorbate? There's also potassium ascorbate, and magnesium ascorbate, but they may cause issues too, so sodium may be safer.

Could it also be a tolerance issue? I.e. start off with a v. small amount of ascorbic acid powder, and gradually build up?