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Lipid preoxidation and plasma antioxidant micronutrients in Crohn's disease

Dunno if this was posted yet, I seem to remember reading it somewhere, but maybe i'm mistaken cause I can't find it in the media section.

I prefer posting pictures instead of links cause the links tend to disappear after a while and then you want to read something from a few months ago and you now have a broken link, sorry for the size of the topic.

Ok so in a few sentences, what they say is. CD patients are under oxidative stress (ROS molecules make tissue damage worse), certain micronutrients which are able to mitigate this effect are depleted in accordance to disease activity, in particular alpha and Beta-carotene (and in lower numbers other, check table).

This happened regardless of medication, without signs of malnutrition, nor were there signs of malabsorption because other carotenoids were at a control level.

Even with very low CDAI scores, the difference between controls was there.