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Liquid diet


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Is it possible to go on a liquid diet forever?

I ask because I see because Nutricia has http://www.shs-nutrition.com/nl/shs-product/elemental_028_extra now for Crohn's. Has anyone tried it?

Couldn't I just chop up all my food in a grinder instead of eating it solid? I mean if there are no side-effects, wouldn't such diets be thousands times better for Crohn's since they would prevent scarring and strictures?

Any info appreciated.


Hi Kiny,

I guess in theory one can be on a liquid diet forever, but that assumes one is getting all required vitamins and nutrients. Getting enough calories would also be a real challenge.

I believe I have read that enteral nutrition over a long enough period can cause issues (such as liver problems). If you took the time to always grind up your food I would imagine it would make it easier on your body to digest. The main problem would just be the time intesiveness to grind up all your food and then clean the blender.
I can't see why you couldn't be on a liquid diet forever as long as you are getting everything you need. The main problem I would have with this would be the lack of pleasure I'd get from sticking to a purely liquid diet. I love food and I'm not sure I could live without it completely.
I know there are some people who live on a liquid diet. I do know most of them though just put there food in a blinder. The people who stick to the diet tend to have some positive results. You will still need to stay away form some of your trigger foods, as they can still cause a flair up.
I've recently learned about long term use of Elemental Diets. liquid diet, as a pose to an elemental diet I don't think would hurt, but the elemental diets causes gut flora imbalances. This in the long term is very dangerous as it exposes your gut to nasty organisms like candida and other pathogens. I lowers your immunity and it also puts you at massive increased risk of bowel cancer. Don't do elemental diet for longer than 3 weeks if you can avoid it. Always take good probiotics as well to keep your little friends flourishing. :)
I've been trying to find a good liquid diet that I can do from home. I used some simple Boost Plus Protein this week and it was a breeze. I felt full and it tasted good. However, the sugar content is high and it is milk based...so not sure how much bowel rest I'm really getting.

I looked up this Elemental 028 but can't see where I can buy it in the US. I'm trying to get as much as info together as possible before I go see my new doc this week. I'd much rather try this at home than be in a hospital bed.

Anyway, I don't know if griding up your own food would really be the same. Even though you've made it smaller, your intestines would still have to work to break it down. Our insides are not working right to begin with so this might not be enough of a break down if you know what I mean?

Have your read the book about Elemental diets?? it explains it better than I can.

Searching myself. Hope you find something that works for you.
My son has developed a fear of solid food and is eating mostly a liquid diet, now. It is well balanced, though. Fruit smoothies, green smoothies, yogurt, a variety of pureed soups, etc. The only solid foods he's been eating now are eggs, cheese sticks and cheese bread.

He's worried something will get stuck and he'll need surgery. :(

I am just beginning to reseach whether a total liquid diet is healthy or not because that seems to be the direction he's heading...

I'm not sure about adults, but for children the action of chewing food is important for proper tooth and speech development. It also stimulates the production of saliva which contains important digestive enzymes and helps prevent tooth decay. Obviously if it helps bowel health then it can be helpful to go liquid only for a while, but I'm not sure whether it is recommended long term if it's not essential.
Couldn't someone chew a stick of gum for a while and then drink a smoothie, though?
I'm more concerned about what an all liquid diet does to the digestive tract long term.

Although, my husband told me that our son isn't really on a liquid diet. Smoothies seem like liquid, but they are really just small pieces of food.

He explained it by comparing a smoothie to potatoes in huge bucket of water. It can be poured, but the potatoes are not liquid.
Yes. It's like the difference between fruit juices and smoothies - the juices have just the liquid nutrients extracted, whereas putting the whole fruit in a blender makes a smoothie.

I'm not sure if you can entirely substitute gum for chewing food, but I have seen chewing gum advocated for some of the oral health benefits it has, such as saliva production, and for the chewing action which stimulates blood flow to the brain.


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well I have had liquid diet since around 2000. I also have a few bland things. Still have crohns flares and much diarrhoea. I don't know what the prognosis is but i'm still on it and not expected, that I know of, to come off anytime soon. just can't get calories and nutrients in.

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The problem with all liquid diet is getting the right nutrients .
There is complete nutrition from nestle which is just that food ground up to a liquid for you.

But mixed in the right portion
Amy2 if your son is having food aversion out of fear vs pain
Have you taken him to see /talk to someone ??

Getting the right balance that is needed for a growing teenage on your own would be very hard.

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There are chew sticks for oral therapy for children who are no foods
But honestly unless he is in pain
I would try to get him to talk to someone soon.
There are chew sticks for oral therapy for children who are no foods
But honestly unless he is in pain
I would try to get him to talk to someone soon.
We're actually looking for someone now. Not because of his fear of food, so much as everything.

He hurt himself eating whole fruits, so he wants everything blended up and so far, he's been willing to eat lots of weird things - or I should say, drink them.
His diet hasn't changed, other than everything goes into the blender, before it goes into him. :)