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Liquid Glycerin question

Hi all!
Friday morning I had a minor surgery, not Crohns related, but they gave me an insane amount of pain meds when I woke up in recovery. I was in a lot of pain and the anesthesiologist said he had given me the maximum amount of fentanyl at 6 mics and another 1 mg of Dilauded, needless to say I was so groggy from anesthesia that I really had no idea of how much they gave me until later. Long story short, it's now midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning and I haven't had a BM since Thursday.
I've been eating yogurt to get my probiotics in and taking stool softeners. Today I took a Phillips Laxative and over an hour ago used Liquid Glycerin. I still cannot get anything out. It seems to be too far up for manual extraction and I'm limited to my twisting and bending since the surgery.
Does anyone have experience with Liquid Glycerin and know how long before I should be concerned it didn't work? The box says it produces a BM withing 15-60 minutes.
If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.
Thanks guys!
You need to call your GI since you were out of surgery
They can give you better ideas how to handle the constipation
DS has constipation as part of his crohns ( not diarrhea )
So there are plenty of different things to use
Probiotics in yogurt are too small in number to make a difference
Our GI has DS on prescription probiotics but these still take thirty days to be effective

Let us know what that GI says