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Lishyloo is poorly poo

Hey pals,

I am in hospital for my second day now, and its been tough. There are two AWFUL women on the ward who have been moaning all night - and they aren't even that sick... one of them is racist, the other is just ignorant...

So I ended up here after I collapsed at work with agonising tummy cramps. Trotted off to the GP yesterday and she had me admitted straight away.

Saw a total idiot of a doc earlier today who seemed to thinkI was cured (HALLELUJA!) becuase I hadnt had diarhoea since yesterday, I pointe dout that seeing as they had been unable to feed me since arrival, I was unlikely to be able to produce anything....if it aint going in - it aint coming out... doh! POint proved when hubby brought in some soup which exited at great velocity from the other end within 10 minutes of consumption...

However, Just been reviewed by a lovely Gastro who thinks my crohns is worse than originally thought (terminal ileum) and is also in the small bowel fistulising. I start bolus steroids this afternoon, and am having CTs of pelvis and abdomen....

As ever guys - tips and thoughts welcome, coz I love you all.



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Dang I'm sorry you're in the hospital. Maybe this is what you need and will force them to figure out what exactly is going on with you! I wish you well and hope you get home soon!!

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I have been in hospitals with others present, very hard and I was on the ward of older people who had bowel problems and not in their right minds. One lady kept pulling the light string and singing,,, omg, I called the nurse and they wheeled her out of the room so the rest of us could sleep. When you are not feeling good,who needs all that. Rest lishyloo, it is important. Let us know the results of your tests ok? Hang in there!
Hope you start feeling better soon, LL
One tip... I know you didn't have a chance to plan for this stay, but...
I don't even stay in a hotel anymore without having some earplugs with me. I keep a packet of those soft foam ones (you can get from Boots) in the bottom of my toilet bag at all times. Don't normally need them, but if you find yourself trying to sleep with a racket going on around you, it should help a lot
O lordy...and yes...Ear plugs, or your mp3 player or something will solve the noise issue.... hope they do the right things to fix you up again. Let us know what they tell you next. ;) we're here for ya. :)

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Lishy! :(

I'm sorry, that really sucks, girl! Hopefully they'll figure out what's going on with you quickly, fix you up, and send you home so you can actually get some rest. As Peaches said, you're not going to get there in there!

I hope you feel better, and as always, feel free to vent!!!


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Oh Lisyloo, I'm sorry !!! Feel better soon and give that doctor a good swat if he doesn't take better care of you....Or just sick the forum on him and we will get him for you.
Awww, poorlypoo ) :

Hope you're able to rest at home v. v. soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Keith still gets put in the Ped. ward where the crying babies are... they supplied him with earplugs the first night until I got his ipod to him. If you ask, they may be able to locate some for you. Sorry you're having such a tough time.
Oh Lishypoo, sorry to hear you are stuck in hospital and feeling very poorly indeed!
I hope they can get you sorted and home ASAP as hanging about in the hospital only makes you mental on top of everything else - in my experience anyway!

With the moaning ladies I always find a pillow over their heads while they are alseep to be helpful ;)

Thank you all so much for your good wishes, I have had four bolus of hydrocortisone now and I have to admit I feel significantly better this morning.

Plus the GI is just lovely - I feel I can speak frankly with him about farts diverting, and sharting incidents, when with my usual guy I just get all tongue twisted and blush a lot. This guy is more down to earth and friendly.

Apparently I will be here for a few more days while they do various tests - I am hopeful to be well on the mend again in no time!

- If not I will probably get thrown out because I am likely to punch the woman opposite who is clearly morphine addicted and keeps threatening loudly to sue the lovely staff for not managing her pain effectively... some people really are awful, and if you are going to start shouting.... PLEASE not at 3am!!!

I have realised that I am actually quite an antisocial cow! - well at 3am anyway.

IV STEROIDS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! I am goin to stay here forever!

Also constant entertainment - we just had the morphine addict in the opposite bed - a fine piece of acting if ever I saw it - she should have had an oscar!

Lishyloo xxx
Enjoy the IV steroids while they last Lishy! I felt high as a kite and great when on them and they helped me cope with the mad women I had to share a room with - i had a complainer too who was constantly moaning until someone gave her attention and I was ready to throttle her at times!
Stay well and we look forward to hearing you are back home :)


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Feel better Lishy...Try not to unleash roid rage on your roomy. We are pulling for you. Maybe you will get the sunroof fixed while there ;)??? Good luck.
Ooh been moved up to level three of the hospital - could this be a promotion? If it is it's to God's waiting room, never seen so much wyncyette and so many purple rinses in my life! I am sure the rest of the patients are just waiting for space in the morgue...

I must be the youngest in here by at LEAST 50 years!

I suspect the reason I was moved is because I was overheard threatening to smother the morphine addict with my pillow tonight! (Roid Rage alert!)

Loving the steroids though - haven't had a BM all day!!! And the pain killers are ace! I should have kicked up a stink about how things were going ages ago!

Thanks for all your support guys - it means a lot to be able to check in here!

Lishyloo x
lishyloo going threw the same thing here! My first room mate had 8 broken ribs I could understand why he would grown and what not if moved and could deal with that. Because he truly was in pain But the new guy I got old timer refers to his meds as his next fix! Every time he talks to someone its not and yes or no or short answers it a friggin story about some crap. To top it off this morning he decided to watch TV turning the volume up and down while giving out his stories when the nurse did their Rounds at that time from 5am to 9am.

Side note maybe the new floor is more of specialized area IDK? Because my floor is just for people with abdominal anything so... oh and the word is this is the old floor and new floors everyone has their own room and not a room mate.
Hey Skinny - you and me are putting up with it then!

I just lost a race for the toilet with a woman who had a zimmer frame! They appear to have a rota for the evening wee, so they aren't going to be impressed with the way my bowels will upset their routine!

The woman opposite with a ten thousand year old bust and slightly see through pajama's is a talker and doesnt seem to care if no one is listening she just carries on... I've only been up here an hour and I already know all about her grandchildren, her piles, and jsut about every job she had since she was sixteen...

I'd shut my curtains and turn in for the night but I still have two more steroid bolus to go tonight....

Thank god hubby brought the laptop in for me so I can be antisocial... I like antisocial - especially when I am on industrial dose steroids!

Keep going Skinny - I am following your thread and thinking of you!

Lishyloo x x x
Ha ha lishy, Losing a race to a zimmer frame is a bit tragic!

When I was in I shared a room with all really old ladies too, I was the youngest by about 40 years i think. One of them, that was there for a few of the days I was there, was quite out of it, perhaps a bit of dementia, I dunno. Anyway, one morning I was in the shower (shared by a room of 4) and this lady came in -on her zimmer frame I might add - and took a big dump. When she entered I said I was in there and she just carried on. She was on the loo for AGES and i was practically suffocating in the shower with the stench but couldn't get out because the zimmer was in the way!

It was awful but hilarious at the same time!
Well I did slip over on old man pee... I was in a mixed ward first, and an old guy with concussion just wnet around weeing all over the place!

My "roomies" are now discussing what a fabulous head of hair a 101 year old who was the previous occupant of my bed had. They're gonna get a shock when I take my headscarf off and reveal the tufts I call hair! I wonder if they will say anything?

Lishyloo x
Lishyloo said:
Keep going Skinny - I am following your thread and thinking of you!
Oh I am... going on day 7 days for me. But enough about me I got my own thread for that.

Being in there could be kind of like a blessing in disguise for you. Yeah it's no fun being in there but now they wont let you leave until they fix it or have a better game plan for you. So here is to them making you feel better :beerchug:
Having a bit of a low

:depressed: So woke up at 5am with really bad cramps, steroids appear to no longer rock.

Realised it was going in the direction of napalm hitting porcelain so leapt out of bed to run for the loo, except zimmer frame woman was already in there doing her morning ablutions... damn old ladies

Panicking now I pegged it out of the ward and finally found a loo in the corridor, threw myself in, dropped pj's, looked down and there was poo all over the seat, some dirty beast had literally smeared it all over... Split second decision - within moments I had appraised the situation - sink - too high, bin - also covered in poo and possibly worse....no choice - I had to throw myself down on some one elses faeces.... :poo:

I think that may be the point at which I lost it.... the nurse found me sometime later sobbing on my bed, smelling rather bad and through snot and tears complaining that I want my life back. Of course she was very sweet but had no grasp of how being unable to control your bowels can strip so much away from you..

I used to have a life, an incredible job, I couldn't conceive of pooing my pants in my car, losing control of my bowels in a theme park maze, constantly having a toilet radar in my head (I got excited the other day because the new iphone has an application which tells you were every public toilet in the UK is - that is the ONLY reason I am buying the phone). Now I have incontinence pads, huge undies, and constant paranoia, a trip into London for lunch or a museum is the most inconceivable notion - a 20 minute train journey??? Way too risky... I now just have tufts of hair - I look like a total weirdo wearing a beanie hat on a really hot hospital ward..

I have been fat most of my adult life - pushing 16 stone, I spotted my hospital notes today and the skinny little nurse has checked me as a zero for weight - thats the low end of the BMI on their scale... thats not me... I was a plumpie, I liked my food, now a skinny nurse is calling me skinny, and I just want to be fat and happy again. I don't identify with the scraggy, waxy looking woman in the mirror. I want my life back, I want to be voluptious, with amazing hair, doing my high flying job, earning loads of money and in control of my bowels...

So this morning, steroids don't rock, and it's not funny any more... :(

I'm crying again now so I'd better stop.. I really need to pull myself together, I know some of you have it so much worse, sorry.

Oh Lishy, that first part of your post had me laughing so hard I nearly peed myself! it's such an awful situation but the way you put it is almost up there with Billy Connolly!

I feel a bit bad also because didn't I just say that you were bound to have an experience to beat my stuck-in-the-shower-while-demented-old-lady-takes-a-dump story?

I am so sorry to hear things are so bad for you right now. I am okay at the moment but it is always in the back of my mind what 'could' happen and it's not a fun way to live. I've had to resort to antidepressant/anxiety meds as I just haven't been coping with all the uncertainty and fear of the 'what if?'

Are you able to eat? I just wondered if it was something you ate that triggered things off. Perhaps the steroids need a few more days to kick in? I know when i was in and on IV steroids it took several days for my inflammatuon levels to go back to normal. I was kind of asymtomatic as I haven't really had D probs (thank god and touch wood!) but the inflammatuon took a while to settle.

Hope things get better REALLY soon.


Aww Lishy... I'm so sorry. I've been following your thread and you've had the best sense of humor over all of it. I can't imagine how you've gone this far without having a breakdown daily.

I am very tempted to send you a purse pack of A$$ Gaskets. Never again shall you be forced to touch another person's feces. Ew. You get me an address, I'm on it.

While Keith was in the hospital last week I went from the nurses thinking of me as "the nice mommy" to "that wicked wench." The day before he was suddenly and unexpectedly released the nurses had locked themselves in a room and sent a doctor to talk to me. I don't doubt they had a talk about getting us the heck out of there. I did not have the excuse of Roid Rages to fall back on. I have a 3 week limit to sleeping in the damn "convertable" bedside chair, after which I tend to lose my patience a bit too easily. You are doing MUCH better than I have ever done.

*ever so gentle hugs*
So with you Rhonda, when Paddy was sick the nurses always started off thinking I was the ultimate earth mother, but when you have been sleeping in a camp bed in intensive care for a month they soon get to see the less savoury side of our personalities. The expression should actually be hell hath no fury like a mother with a sick baby..."

It's funny, I have spent years being uber assertive for Paddy, I've had stand up rows over morphine, refused to move from A&E units, was once branded over anxious, and then to my shame was jubilant when it was discovered he had a collapsed lung.... How wrong is that? I punched the air when they came to tell me he was being put on a ventilator because I was right! It's very wrong sometimes...

When it comes to me though, I am sat here snivveling all morning and trying not to make a fuss. I just don't want to eat any more - it hurts too much. But if I don't eat I wont have D, and there is one particular idiot doc here who thought I was cured the other day because I hadn't had D for a few hours. She just didnt seem to grasp the point that if nothing goes in, it aint gonna come out the other end.

So I have to carry on eating and hurting and pooping on other people's skid marks to be sure they don't discharge me as a miracle cure - amazing guys - you should all try it - just stop eating!

To top it all the hospital menu does not remotely cater for my dietary requirements - I am celiac, lactose intolerent, eggs give me the squits (actually most things do), all vegetables hurt, any fibre hurts really, actually correct that everything hurts... they have NOTHING I can eat, and it all gets shipped in as ready meals, so not like the chef could just throw a bit of fish on the grill and serve it plain... I have explained four times now, that the food WILL give me more D.... they just don't understand, and yesterday during handover one of the nurses told the other I was eating and drinking well, I corrected her and said that I hadn't eaten anything since the Wednesday, and she said "oh yes, she doesn't like the food"... ARRGGHHH - I would love the food! I could murder a curry, if I could be guaranteed no consequences... So all I am having is some instand mash that my sister sent in for me, and a bit of complan - at least fairly liquid hurts less...

What are A$$ Gaskets??? I am going to hang my butt over the edge of the bath next time I need to go... at least I would have the courtesy to clean up thoroughly after myself. This is a ladies ward - have they no shame? When I go to the loo my mission is to leave the facility with no trace that I was ever there - some people seem to just want to mark their territory like dogs - it's disgusting.. I am going to sneak out of the hospital later and go buy some disinfectant wipes - be a miracle if I don't leave here with e-coli or something..

I should stop moaning now... for those of you worried about National Health Services, it is REALLY good, some of the other patients are disgusting, and you always meet the odd prat of an on-call doc over the weekend, but come Monday the Gastro team will all be back in and hopefully we will get somewhere.. also I am still in the limbo of the Acute Admissions Unit - so I am not on a proper ward yet - these guys just don't have the specialist knowledge of crohns to deal with it...and have I had to open my purse yet???? Nope...

God I must pull myself together...

Someone tell my a funny/humiliating story to make me laugh - one of you undoubtedly has more shame in the closet to bring out for a fellow crohnie in need of a giggle! Altho still smiling about Shaz's old lady dump story! I may get long distance revenge for you Shaz... have noticed zimmer frame lady doesn't lock the door - may barge in and take a liquid evacuation in the sink while she's having a dump...

Lishyloo said:
Someone tell my a funny/humiliating story to make me laugh - one of you undoubtedly has more shame in the closet to bring out for a fellow crohnie in need of a giggle! Altho still smiling about Shaz's old lady dump story! I may get long distance revenge for you Shaz... have noticed zimmer frame lady doesn't lock the door - may barge in and take a liquid evacuation in the sink while she's having a dump...
Hey Lishy, I can't think of anything too hilarious to share but I do think you should do the poo in the sink thing. That would be hilarious! Or, definately go when someone is in the shower. I can assure you that steam makes the smell ten times worse!

The biggest event (though not funny) that happened during the 10 days I was in hospy was an earthquake that scared the crap out of everybody! It wasn't a particularly big one by all accounts but we were on the 8th floor (top) of a building that was designed to move with an earthquake as opposed to shaking. Honestly I have experienced a few earthquakes before but nothing like this one. Here I was, fairly newly admitted and freaking about everything, in a room with three old ladies, two of whom were trapped in bed (couldn't get out without help) and the whole place started to move.

First I thought maybe it was me feeling a bit weird with all the drugs and such, but it got worse. There were moments of panic: 'should I hide under the bed?' 'Should I run and try going downstairs?', interspered with moments of this being a good way out of my current predicament 'Och, we'll probably all die anyway so I'll just ride it out.'

However, while I was happily absorbed in both hopes and fears for my own mortality, the other old lady was sitting absolutely FREAKING out and holding her chest. She was in for a suspected heart attack BTW! And the other two were both really scared and asking what the hell was happening. So, I ended up soothing all the old ladies while inside I was freaking myself. Though I was also experiencing a bit of the pred-induced I am AWESOME vibe, which I think helped me keep my composure a bit. Lucky I don't have a problem with the squits, however, as this would have been the time for it to take on a life of it's own!

All calmed down eventually and took AGES for everyone to get off to sleep.

Was quite an adventure. Hope the story makes you at least smile a bit :)
You made me smile Shaz! Thank you - you are obviously a very generous person looking after the old ladies when you were sick and scared yourself... I for the moment have been studiously ignoring my roomies... don't really have the energy or enthusiasm for discussing the blitz! It's unlike me because generally I relish an opportunity to get to know people...and the older generation can teach us so much.. I should be seeing this as an opportunity to expand my mind!

Do feel a bit bad though becuase I am sure the old lady next to me has actually passed on already, despite the fact that she has been put on the commode, been fed breakfast, and sat up in her chair... there's nothing going on there, and I am sat here thankful for it becuase it means I don't have to talk to her! God I am so selfish!

Anyway, I had a bit of a snivel, then phoned my mum, who really is my best friend in the whole world and she helped me to sort my head out...

You guys help me sort my head out... thank you all...

Right, I'm off to viciously assault a sink..!

Lishyloo x
Hey Lishy,

The A$$ Gasket is a slang term for the paper seat covers in public bathrooms. Common in the US, not so much in other countries. If you don't want to pull a few out of the public restrooms to tuck in your purse for emergencies they are also sold online in a less flimsy form. (The one's found in public restrooms tend to be nearly see-through thin.) http://www.emergenseatcovers.com/

I know it's tough to ask for help, but you DO deserve it. Can you let your mom know what you need to eat? I was leaving long enough to fill a portable ice-chest with thing Keith could eat and bringing it back daily. I could write NO GRAINS, NO SUGAR in large red letters across the menu selection only to get Breaded Teriyaki Salmon brought to his room. Then, just as you said, the nurses would report that he "didn't like the food." GAH! Have you tried to ask for specific items? Is there anything you can ask for? I know they had Cheddar Cheese slices individually wrapped that Keith could eat. Too bad he didn't feel like eating that.

Your fist pump when you were right about Paddy's collapsed lung made me giggle. I've had so many doctors tell me that there is nothing wrong with me or Keith... only to prove them wrong. I've seen the doctor records that state I am imagining things... sigh... we know our bodies and our childrens' bodies better than anyone and are our best advocates. Hell once during an MRI I pointed out that his spleen looked abnormally large... , for sure... Mono. :tongue:

I hope today goes better for you!
Hey Rhonda, sounds like you and me have a few shared experiences! I have followed your thread on Keith, and you really have had to fight, but it seems like things are looking up now?

We are lucky too with Paddy, been a long journey, and he is very high maintenance, but he is on an even keel - phew!

PS - I have found out who the shit demon is! However, she is very confused and did just try to get in someone elses bed... probably left skids all over it...

Yes, I'm happy to say he's doing pretty well at the moment. He's actually starting to talk about his future, something I think he's just been to afraid of to consider.

I'm glad Paddy's on an even keel too... now take the time to care for yourself! *Glares at self in mirror!* I'm going to say this in my best Mom voice... "Do what I say, not what I do!":tongue: I know you and I don't mind the high maintenance, we consider the alternative and just do it.

Poor Shit-Demon needs a diaper. Oh... and some restraints! She can keep those skid marks on her own sheets, tyvm! *shudder/twitch*

It sounds like you've got all the entertainment you can handle! :ybatty: What are you doing to amuse yourself besides watching the chaos around you?
Hi Lishyloo having read this post from top to bottom you have had me in tears of laughter and tears of sadness, you are such a funny lady even when in pain and in hospital. I do hope that you start to get yourself sorted. I kinda got use to being in hospital even like you being moved around, its funny watching other people for a while but then you want OUT! I do hope you get your self sorted, and now await the next instalment! I have lots of accidents and next time one happens I am going to try and think of you so instead of sobing I am going to think of your funny antics and just clear myself up and get on with it! thanks for your great humour x
Well... IV steroids have been pretty cool, no BM since Sunday (Seriously - NOTHING), but I am now really scared that some kind of monster turd is going to try and exit my body.. how will my sphincter cope after six months of liquid??? I think I am developing turd phobia...

A nurse this afternoon noted my BM chart was looking rather vacant and tried to give me a laxative! I was like, ARE YOU CRAZY??? I did ask her if she wanted the ward redecorated, because laxatives for a Crohn's patient... I don't think so...

On the plus side my sister made a polite call to the hospital to enquire as to why I was still in AAU six days after admission... it appears I had slipped through an administrative hole, and the top gastro guy charged in to kick up a stink.

He felt my belly, and then hollered the other docs in to show them my "abdominal mass" which you apparently can't miss as its the size of a golf ball... He seemed a bit miffed, and a couple of the docs who had written "no abnormalities detected" in my notes looked a bit sheepish...

I am supposed to be transferred to the gastro ward where he can look after me "properly"... although that was about 10 hours ago and no one has come to get me yet...

Still not had my scans, but feeling relieved at least that the top man agrees with me that there is something odd and painful in there...

Nutty woman is still opposite me.... it's been a VERY long few days....

Lishyloo x x x
Oh Lishy, what a drama! It seems they are always so busy (often doing nothing from my observation) and people do get forgotton. I remmeber when it was my day to be discharged I had to wait about 5 hours for someone to get the assorted paperwork done. It felt like being in prison - you are NOT to leave until we have the forms filled in!
Hope you get more progress now you will be in the right department. Sheesh, you've been in there long enough already!

Hope you're feeling a bit better!

Hi Lishyloo

Just wanted to see if you are feeling a bit better? I know how horrible it can be when your stuck in the hospital - everything takes so long! And when doctors/nurses dont listen to you or offer advice/solutions which you know wont work or will make it worse you feel like you want to scream!

Have you had your scans yet? I hope so - there is nothing worse than just waiting around!

Keep us updated

Take care hun - thinking of you! Feel better soon!

Love Vicky

Poor Lishy... *HUG*

This is precisely the reason I camp Keith's bedside when he's in the hospital. I'm glad you had your sister to make those phone calls for you. One day I should hire myself out as a bedside advocate for hospital patients. Round the clock, keeping those doctors and nurses in line.
I'd never have guessed that the little girl who just wanted to please and never made waves would become so BOSSY! Hee hee!

Have you been transferred yet? I'm glad the top doc knows you're there now, and that the other docs have been less than thorough. What is the plan now? Are the tests scheduled? :ycool: I wish I was closer... Keep us posted! I do enjoy the humor you interject, but I've do want you taken care of!
Well, it's 8pm, I finally had my scan today, and this evening I got moved to the gastro ward.... just waiting on the radiologist's report....

Bummer that I hadn't realised you have to have bowel prep for the scan....having gone through 3 glorious days of heavy duty steroid induced cessation of BMs, I have now been about 20 times this afternoon...

I had quite a good night last night. When I first came in to hospital I had been really impressed by one of the nurses, so I dropped an email to the Patient Liaison People to say "Top Job"... I am a great believer in paying a compliment when it's due and this woman had such great compassion for all her patients....

Anyway, same nurse came running into the ward last night, hugging and kissing me... she had been called up by the director of nursing at the hospital, and a big thing had been made of the "patient feedback".... Well, I am going to do more of that in future - I might as well have been staying in a top hotel last night! I even had five blankets! And she sorted out my nutty roomie....

So just waiting for my pain meds before I go to bed... I now have no more veins left so my cannulas are all out. I had bloods taken from my feet yesterday, and my thighs were scrutinized for anything looking remotely varicose that they could tap into today - not sure if I am pleased they were unsuccesful or not??

Apparently if I need another line it's gonna end up in my neck, and need to be done by an anethetist... one of the phlebotomists reckons she knows the location of a corker on my person, but she refuses to tell anyone in case they bugger it up!

Fingers crossed the scans will show something that just requires a magic tablet to fix!

RIght - I better turn in! I am so exhausted - doc today said its the combination of severe flare and coming off industrial dose steroids.... been nodding off all day!

Thanks for thinking of me everyone!

Lishyloo x
So glad things are moving for you and things are being done. Ive always found that if i moan and kick up a fuss - magically things get done, if all else fails threaten to discharge yourself - its the last thing they want u to do

My gastro is going to get a telling off from my surgeon for not puttin me on any medication, so that made me quite happy when i skipped out of the ward this afternoon - so glad it wasnt a flare
Hi Lishyloo, just read this thread, so sorry you having such a bad time, out of interest which hospital are you in , I live in West Sussex and so far touch wood have had really good treatment in my local hospital (St Richards Chichester) - did you complain to anyone about the state of the loos?

Well the loo situation is a problem, but in fairness they have people cleaning all the time, they would have had to have kept cleaning monitors stalking some of the old ladies to keep on top of the problem... the difficulty for me, which I am sure you will ALL understand, is when a Crohnie needs to go they don't have time to calmly march back to the nurses station and demand the toilet is attended to! I dread to think how much other people's poop is now on my pjs....

To top it all my hubby and kids have come down with the winter vomiting virus so no visitors and a scarcity of underwear looming.... again, I know you all FEEL my pain on that one!

So initial scan results are in, and my Crohn's has apparently been on a journey. It was initially diagnosed in the cecum, but that part of my bowel now looks good, now it's the descending colon that is screaming instead. I can't get my head round this because ALL my pain is on the right side, but the scans show my desease has gone off for a holiday on the left side. No thoughts on the abdominal mass yet - waiting to see what the consultant radiologist thinks...

Today I am pooping through the eye of a needle so my pain relief is being doubled and I am going back on IV steroids. I am written up for another colonoscopy to look at the extent of the disease in the descending colon and take biopsies... I think it could be a few more days yet...

Did I mention that the Gastro ward is ALSO full of nutters? It doesn't help when you feel sick anyway to have the vigourous nose picker (and eater) sat opposite)... She appears to have a raging chest infection which is hardly suprising when her diet appears to consist mainly of her own snot and bogies...

fun fun fun!
Glad you are now on a GI ward, even though some of your roomies seem to have disgusting habits! I noticed that you said your chrones started in your cecum, that were they have said I have imflamation and have taken biopsies from. I also have it in my rectum!

I hope that your colonoscopy goes as well as can be expected, and your family get better so that you can have some clean undies!!!

Keep posting its nice to now how you are doing x

Wow how come no one mentioned it before????

Nectar for your gut! I may never bother to eat again if this is the alternative!

It tastes like chocolate double cream sliding down your throat, only without the heartburn, cramps, poop and vomiting.... hmmmmm!

As you can gather, I have had a visit from the hospital dietician and she is my new best friend!
Ah yeah i love it when the dietician comes to see me - she is like the only one that actually understands me in that place. She gave me ensure drinks the day after my op and i HATED them, but i am thinking that i should maybe drink them again now that i have recovered etc
Oh Lishy, what an experience you are having!
Glad you have found something you can 'eat' though :) I have those too (its called something else here but sounds the same) and they are really good when i don't feel much like eating.
I was a bit shocked to hear your crohns has been travelling so fast! Mine was also originally in ileum area in july and I wondered if, even on steroids, it could suddenly start to move as I have all sorts of weird new sensations in new areas every damn day!
I hope your family gets better soon so you can get some slean undies - no doubt they have hospital ones but I can't imagine they are that comfortable or flattering!
Keep us posted eh? I check in regularly to see how you are doing

Hi Lishy. Glad to here you got moved and they are finally doing something for you.

I know what you mean about running out of veins. Back in about 1990 I was so bad that they had to put in a central line just for my meds. First they put in a temporary and than the next day they put in a permanent one. Taught my wife how to take care of it and sent me home. She got to issue my meds at home and she also got to change the dressing.
I use to make her jump when she would give me my meds by yelling ouch every time she stuck the needle into the IV lock. I don't know way she would smack me. I do the same thing with the nurses at the hospital.
Than came the Ensure. Back in the late 80' early 90's Ensure did not taste that good. The dietitian told me to try it as a shake, so I grabbed the can and shook it as hard as I could and popped the top and drink some. Told her it still taste the same as it did without shaking it. She wasn't impressed.
As far as the Dr's go Janis handles them. She comes up with some great questions and she won't let them beat around the bush. She even scares me sometimes. All 5' 1" and 113 lbs of her. She was so quiet when I married her.
I did shock her once. I had been on Tagamet (sp) for about a year and when I went into the hospital my GI did all his usual admitting stuff. When he was done he asked if I had any questions. I said sure, can you take me off the Tagamet. Its making me impotent. Yep, I asked it right in front of my wife and my parents. Janis about died. But he changed it to Pepcid and bingo no more problem.

Good luck with everything, Lishy
Agent X20 said:
Do you have to get Ensure on prescription (in the UK) or can you buy it over the counter? Just making a mental note for those times when eating is just too much trouble.
In the UK ive been told that it is presription only
Looked at the label out of curiosity and they make Ensure with splenda now.......... So that one's out if I get in a bad way again. Getting tired of everyone jumping on the sucralose bandwagon.
Great News!

Well, I have had a miserable few days, sleeping and pooing most of the time, and still here languishing on the gastro ward. :(

Yesterday I popped out to call my mum, and on the way back to the ward I fainted in the lifts. Two people rushed to my aid, but in a terribly British fashion I politely refused help, informing them this was my stop anyway, and I then wobbled down the corridor back to my bed.

I was having an evil hot flush and didn't know whether I was going to be sick or poo violently, so I rushed to the toilets and proceeded to hurl violently - so violently that I headbutted the taps, and peed my pants.

I was all shaky so I whipped my pissy trousers and undies off and at that point lost control of my bowels all over my clothes... it was never ending, and I was cramping and sweating and peeing and vomiting all at the same time. I don't know when I ever felt so awful. :poo:

Finally I just lay on the floor because it was so deliciously cool on my forehead - in spite of the fact that I was laying in my own waste. I had to pull the emergency cord for a nurse to bring me a hospital gown and a sack for my soiled clothes so that I could stagger back to my bed where I lay sweating, whimpering and shivering for the rest of the afternoon.

I was in utter despair, thinking this is how my life is going to be from now on, it just doesn't get any worse...

So today I didn't feel so bad albeit still pooping for England, I had my ultrasound in the morning, and the consultant finally came round this afternoon.

Amazing news - my crohn's is in remission!! Er hello I said - why am I still pooping 24/7???? Well, it appears that while my crohn's has gone into remission - no sign of active disease on the scope, the shock of having had diarhoea for the last 6 months has left me with a nasty dose of IBS! I have started on high doses of immodium (loperamide), with the aim of inducing constipation... it appears that within a few days I could feel like a new woman, although the first solid poo may be a bit of a birth experience! I am very excited, and I get to stop steroids, although I am staying on 6mp to maintain the remission.

Regards the "abdominal mass" it has been identified on the ultrasound as the gauze used to repair a hernia I had 5 years ago. The gauze has crumpled up and moved somewhere it shouldn't be, so the surgeons are due to pay me a visit tomorrow - I want it out of me!

So, inspite of a terrible day yesterday - I actually appear to be on the mend, and I have been promised that if I can produce a "solid" they will discharge me in time for the weekend!

I am really hoping I get out for the weekend - every year I do a Christmas Party for 200 sick, disabled and terminally ill children in the area - it's this Sunday.:eek2: Thank god for an army of friends who have rallied round to help keep the plans going while I have been laid up!

I can't believe I am in remission!!!! Bring on solid poo!!! :ylol2:

That sounds so horrible I just had to laugh! Sorry :(

I didn't find loperamide that helpful, sure it bunged me up for a bit, but once everything came alive again bah! I'd have thought that with IBS they would have filled you up with anti-spasmodics. Shrug, IANAD so what do I know!
Hey, Lishyloo, what part of herts are you in... north, south, big-smoke? Cambridge aint so far from some of that...
Oh Lishy, what a NIGHTMARE! But I also couldnlt help laughing because of the way you put it! I definately think you could write a book.
But good news on the Crohns remission. I would be puzzled too if theys aid that and I still felt so sick. I expect you have some catching up to do with the calorie intake, hence the fainting and stuff.
Hope you get out very soon