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List of current symptoms, want opinions

I know I got posts all over the place right now (sorry), i'm just trying to keep everything separated so each things goes in the right categories of the forum. {see my "time for pred again" in the treatment area/"in poor shape" in support forum}

I'm really wanting everyone's opinion. As mentioned elsewhere, I've been keeping a detailed list of symptoms I'm having this severe "flare". This is what I've had in the last 8 days. Not everything every day, but it's appeared at least once:

- off and on bloody diarrhea; up to 10x day, even from fluids
- grey coloured stools
- intense burning sensation after diarrhea (usually leaves me in tears)
- constant severe pain (minimal, short-lived relief on morphine)
- diarrhea during the night
- occasional bloody mucous
- achiness, especially in low back
- flaring psoriasis
- worse pain after eating
- dizziness
- always tired but unable to sleep
- vomiting
- mysterious rash
- hypertension
- loss of appetite
- mild fever

PS: when in the ER on Monday, kidney stones, gallbladder issues, liver issues, and hemorrhoids were ruled out..

What do YOU think it is that's wrong with me?
HI Num1, i have the same problem, stools coming out grey coloured, which i have no idea why, i have nausea, constipation, pain in the stomach and right hand region. but i am having a flare up of crohn's. Your symptoms seem to match a flare up of you crohn's. If i were you i make an appointment to go see you family doctor and tell him about your symptoms and see what he has to say. you might need some medications like Predisone to calm down the inflammation and a pill for the nausea . You might have to see a GI specialist as well to see what is exactly what is going on there. The symptoms your describing are not right and not normal. that just my suggestion. best wishes and i hope you get better soon.

Yeah I'm going to see my family doc tomorrow - gonna get Pred for sure. Last few times I was on Prednisone I was better within days...I did have an emergency double scope but the GI (wasn't my own who did it) decided he'd rather look for Celiac (yet I've known I've had it for over 8 1/2 years now). If I find out he used the biopsies only for that I'd snap :/.

Thanks for the input. Interesting to see you think Crohn's...it's what the ER doc thought, too.
It sounds a lot like my ulcerative colitis flares too - blood, diarrhea, mucous, etc... The dizziness might be from dehydration or low iron, which is common with both crohns and uc.
Its quite obvious from your list of symptoms that you have several auto-immune diseases. Most of your symptoms indicate Crohns and/or UC. The achiness, dizziness, tiredness, loss of appetite and low grade fever are all common problems with a Crohns flare. But the rash may indicate Lupus, another auto immune disease. Make sure the doctors check your blood ASA level. I have one question.....what are you taking the morphine for? Good Luck
I was on morphine for pain when i spent 25 hours in the ER last week, they didnt want to give me anti-inflammatories until i was tested.

I need to get bloodwork tomorrow, as far as i know for thyroid and liver. Also need to take stool samples but i wont be able to do the samples til next week (damn period).
You have all the symptoms I have and I'm having a flare of Crohn's at the moment. The worst symptoms I'm having are the burning sensation after the toilet - it is hoooorible :(
and the pain. Had a lot of mucous when I went to the toilet before too which wasn't nice.
So have you not been diagnosed with IBD then? Sounds to me and probably everyone here that you have it!!
HI Num1, what is your status now? How did the blood work go? and have you seen the GP yet to see what is really going on? Keep us posted. best wishes.

Been on Pred for 8 days, got relief after day 1.

Dont know bloodwork yet, probably waiting until im done the occult blood stool samples (i'll finish those day).

Vic, no diagnosis of an IBD, no. Im starting to believe its hiding in my intestine walls...