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Liver Enzyme Spike

Just got off the phone with my IBD nurse, apparently my bloodwork from last week showed a jump in my enzymes. I have to go for another blood test tomorrow, but what could cause this? Does this mean I may have to switch drugs? Or can this happen and nothing to worry about? Only thing that changed is I was put on Entocort when I saw the GI in May. Thanks :D
That is likely causing the spike, you are right Ron, should have clarified. Will this mean a new drug after my body finally getting used to this one? ugh this disease is very frustrating
Within the last year or so, after blood work, they cut in half the amount of imuran that I take. I wonder if they might consider that.
Not necessarily. One jump isn't a huge issue, sometimes it just happens. If it doesn't resolve itself and start going down within a month or so you may need to reduce your Imuran dosage
I had a jump in my levels about a month ago. I am on azathioprine 175mg. I was really worried they were going to take me off it but they monitored my blood weekly and it went back down so they didn't have to change anything and now im back to fortnightly bloods. They said it just means your liver is working a little harder which is okay, as long as it isn't long term. If your levels stay high then they may change your medicine as it could cause long term damage. They told me normal level is around 30-50 and my level was at 200 and took 4 weeks to get back to normal. When I was first diagnosed in the hospital my level went up to 400.
I had a jump in my liver enzymes recently, and I am not on Rx drugs. I think it's common. Mine went back down on its own. Not sure why it spiked.