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Liver enzymes elevated


My liver enzymes keep increasing on methotrexate and I have no clue how high is too high. I think I'm about 4x the highest normal. What's going to happen? Is it dangerous in the short term or only long term? I have no clue if my doctor will reduce the drug or just take me off completely.
I would help by giving you a reference point. Although I haven't been on Methotrexate my liver got a bit inflamed with TPN and I know all my levels quite well from seeing them and seeing the "HIGH" marker next to the result.

I believe mine where about 3 times the normal level, in the hundreds. But I was reassured that in the short term (months) its nothing to worry about as the liver is excellent at healing itself. Apparently it just looked like I was a bit of a alcoholic.

There levels I know are:

Alkaline phosphatase
Gamma-glutamyl transferase

If you knew any of them I can give you a reference point.
My ALT and AST numbers just broke the 300s, and my GGT has exploded. I was diagnosed with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver disease last year after a tough round of prednisone, but my numbers have skyrocketed the past few months due to crazy inflammation. I was recently upgraded to Nonalcholic steatohepatitis this week, and have severe inflammation in my liver, as well as scar tissue forming. Has your doc ordered a CT/ liver biopsy yet? Even with numbers in the 100s, most docs aren't too concerned, and just will sometimes up the monitoring (more frequent blood work). Again unless it's damage going on for years and years without end, or sudden progression (as in my case), most docs like to watch and wait, mostly due to the liver being a pretty resilient organ.


It's pretty sudden so it must be drug related. I think it's in the high 300's or atleast one of them
was but all were high. I'm glad to know that the liver is resilient and with monitoring we can reverse the trend if need be.
If either of you are interested in healing scarred liver data, Sulfasalazine has had some really great reports. It somehow gets rid of the scar tissue?
Look into milk thistle extract, it's good at protecting the liver, hope it heals up soon n try get into your GI ASAP so he/she is aware if not alrdy!
Just a thought... my sister does a liver cleanse...one of the components of it is 6 weeks vegan diet... no meat, no milk, no added sugar. She adds certain supplements and drinks a certain amount of olive oil... but I think that may be for gall bladder issues... not sure. Start with less red meat if liver enzymes high...maybe that and less alcohol and less sugar is all you may need to do. Good luck.