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Liver Function on Humira

I'm new to these forums but thought I'd give them a try.
I've been on Humira for several years now in stable remission but I just had a high ALT liver enzyme on my last bloodwork. This is odd since it has never been abnormal before. Has anyone else had Humira alter their liver enzyme tests?
I have no symptoms of serious liver problems like stomach ache or yellowing so I'm not that concerned but just interested if this is somewhat common.
I do, but I was told its got nothing to do with the medicines I'm on and more likely something to do with blocked or inflammed bile ducts. My doc tested my bone density too to make sure it wasn't that, because I guess if you have poor bone density something somewhere can leech into your blood stream. (I'm not real technical on the matter)

I was supposed to go for an MRI on my bile ducts this last summer but I've put it off due to and intrastate move, new job, and many other MRI and tests I've had to do. All I notice is that I'm pretty itchy which could be a function of my dry skin and my liver ALT levels. For me though my ALT and ALP were both elevated.

I'm not saying its NOT the Humira, but for me my doc said its not. I should also add in here, I'm currently on 250mg of Imuran and he doesn't think its that either.
Thanks Katie,
I don't think it's going to be a big deal since I've been in remission for so long. Probably just one of those quirks with blood tests. I did more research and found out my ALT of just over 100 was not particularly high but I'm going to have another test in 6 weeks to see if it's still elevated.
I did have very low bone density about four years ago from too much prednisone but it built back up incredibly quickly.
Humira does warn about liver damage on the box but it warns about just about everything else under the sun too. I half expect being hit by lightning and eaten by wild boars listed as a side effect.
Hope you get the bile ducts MRIed soon, you might be able to get them fixed and stop that darned itching!