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Liver/Gallbladder/Common Duct involvement Q's

I have Crohn's disease and it's been active the last 24 years. 2 months ago I was hospitalized and told I have primary sclerosing Cholangitis as a complication of my IBD. I have crohns in my stomach and duodem and ileum. Due to this complication I had to switch all meds immediately. Because of the new added diagnosis plus the extreme and rapid medication switch I've been having one of the worst flare ups of my life for the last 4 months. I'm emotionally at the end of my sanity and physically drained. I never thought at 34 years old i would be disabled and have a liver disease to add to my already stacked medical file. I'm now on my 4th round of flagyl cipro prednisone. My mouth tastes like bile my bowel movements smell like bile. I'm needing any advice if anyone has had gallbladder, liver, common duct involvement with their crohns. My disease has changed so drastically I don't know what to expect day to day like I did with my crohns before it went up my bile ducts. Thank you in advance I really could use advice on this or your story.
My daughter has IBD (probably UC) and PSC. There is a moderately active PSC community at livingwithpsc.org. The majority of PSCers also have IBD, and I am sure you will find someone who can relate to your situation there.

I am sorry you are struggling with this.