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Liver problems

Hi guys,

I'm just realising now how little my GI has told me over the years.

I recently found out that in addition to high AST/ALT (transaminitis) which has been ongoing for years, I am AMA positive (antimitochondrial antibody)

I have no idea what this means and has never been explained to me but a quick google search seems to indicate primary biliary cirrhosis.

A long while back the GI wanted to biopsy my liver (as a private patient) but seemed to forget about it when I became an NHS patient. So I've never had a definitive diagnosis that I know about. On my GI's letters all it says under diagnosis is 'Raised LFT's (transaminitis) with positive AMA' which to me sounds more like a blood test result interpretation than a diagnosis?!

Is this anything to be worried about? On steroids or DMARDs the AST/ALT become normal.
There is a link between Sjorgren's and Primary Biliary Cirrosis: medscape article..
Try not to worry though. If you haven't got itching, jaundice and other symptoms suggestive of PBC, it might be the Sjorgren's according to the article, if I have understood correctly: "saliva of these patients as well"....meaning SS.....para 2.
I recommend reading the full article, it's not that long.

Milk thistle as a supplement is worth looking into for liver protection/regeneration. Several cups a day of rooibos tea might also be beneficial (to boost glutathione).

But when on meds, talk to your Dr or pharmacist first before taking supplements to be sure there are no herb-drug interactions.

Best wishes,
juljul xx
Thanks for that guys, I don't understand why this hasn't been explained to me. I can't work out if that article is saying you can be AMA positive with sjogrens alone or if it indicates primary biliary cirrhosis even with sjogrens... Confusing!
Hi Isgs,
I forgot to respond to your second post. I thought it meant the first scenario you mentioned ...PMA as a marker, or as a secondary event to Sjorgren's. I think that you can also get Sjorgren's secondary to PBC. You need to talk to your Rheumy. Look into researching milk thistle, rooibos tea (to boost glutathione) and l-glutamine (to bost glutathione) for liver health and regeneration.

juljul xx
Thanks for the reply! I have so much I need to talk to my rheumatologist about and I just know the 10 minute slot I have with him on Tuesday is going to be rushed! Not his fault but so frustrating.