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Living overseas/back packing with humira

I intend on going away as soon as I finish my degree in 6 months time for an undisclosed amount of time but ideally well over a year (I understand I will have to come back to Australia annually to refill my script [if I stay on humira]).

Hypothetically, I have relatives in the UK which could be a safe spot for me in leaving my humira supply at, but still would like to travel to other countries for months at a time.

In which case are there any travel fridge packs these days that I can ensure are at a constant temperature ie battery operated (can someone invent one if not?), or do I have to stick to the cooler pack and ensure that I change the ice every 8-12 hours?

Furthermore, what's the maximum amount of months I can fill out the script for my humira?

Lastly, are there any (effective + low side effects) medications that don't need refrigeration or are cheaper that I may be able to afford to pay for overseas? Not interested in imuran or prednisolone so don't mention that but I am not up to date with current crohn's treatment.
The best company I have found for transporting humira injections (Aus based) is MedActiv. You can look up their website, I use their iCool MediCube for transporting the pens on long haul flights - can keep injections cold for 36 hours. I can't help with the other questions sorry!