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Lizzy's New Crohn's Blog

I haven't been around lately. Life has changed quite a bit since I posted last.

Two weeks ago, at the end of the work day, I was called into the HR office. The GM, HRM, and traffic/programming manager explained that due to the recession, they had to lay me off. They said that they'd love to hire me back once financial conditions approve, but that it's just not possible right now.

So now, I'm just a full-time student.

In early February, I started getting really sick again, so they put me back on prednisone. I'm off the Pentasa, and we're going to try Humira. I don't know how I'm going to pay for it.

I'm tapering right now and in a lot of pain. My joints (especially my lower back and my hips) are on fire. And I'm feeling pretty depressed and hopeless.
Yes, I was in broadcasting. I was just a traffic/programming assistant, but it was a great job for a college kid needing some work flexibility. I really enjoyed the work and the atmosphere.

I'm covered under the school, but only up to 2,000 per condition. I'm pretty sure it all got used up on the colonscopy and blood tests.
E Cameron said:
I work in radio and agree, Broadcasting is a great field......

Unless you want to make the big bucks! :lol:

I have been in TV broadcasting for almost 10 years now (no wonder I am so jaded!).
I have worked in production, engineering & have been in promotions as a graphic artist for the last five. Most of us do it cuz the work is cool & not cuz the pay is good...cuz its not. :D

But hang in there. Things will turn around soon enough.
Humira is no longer an option. My insurance only covers 50% of non-generics, and the starter kit was a grand total of $5500. The co-pay program from Humira covered another thousand, but it was still $1500, which just wasn't doable.

I just got approved by my insurance for Remicade, but I'm worried that Remicade will be too expensive, too. I'm not sure. I'm just so unsure about everything.
GAH! My dad and I took a risk while applying for my new insurance back in December and didn't mention my new Crohn's diagnosis. Of course, they found out. I had a feeling they would, but I complied with my dad's instructions because he's paying for the coverage.

And now they're reviewing my case. They might drop my coverage. I can't have any new claims in the meantime.

Am I screwed? Maybe. I'm feeling so sick and I just want...a solution. This is so frustrating.
oh no lizzy that bites.

if you had told them up front would you be having this problem?
i know what you mean about complying with dads instructions though....i can almost never convince my dad to change his mind! i just run with it most of the time lol
If I told them up front, they wouldn't have covered anything (no specialist visits, no labs, no medications, no treatments) pertaining to my "prexisting condition" for at least six months to a year into my coverage. My condition is currently classified as "severe Crohn's", so it was worth the risk, because a lack of coverage would be even worse.

But now I'm screwed. I'm sick 10+ times a day and completely exhausted. My mouth is a mess due to calcium deficiency (I've developed 5 cavities over the past year and I don't drink soda and take very good care of my mouth - never had a cavity in my life before!) and my iron levels are getting lower and lower.

I'm so scared. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do anymore.