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LMV's Gym Thread

So this is a big thing for me because I have never enjoyed exercise, been to the gym only once in my life with a friend.
I've found a gym 5miles away where I can go as concessions while I'm unemployed, which is great! I only have to pay £17.50 for the year, and then £2.50 every time I go, as long as it is off peak times.
I'm not doing this because I want to lose weight (I'm currently underweight). I'm not even that bothered about getting toned to be honest. I'm just hoping doing some regular gentle exercise will make me generally feel better in myself.
I only had surgery three weeks ago so I am definitely going to take it easy.
I have my induction tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Edit: Have changed the name of this thread from "I'm joining the Gym!!"
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Good luck! Remember to get hydrated before you go and take some water with you.

Also, disregard most the information the personal trainers give you on your induction. I don't know why but some of them have no clue :p Just find something you want to do and check youtube and places for videos on form. Even for something like running since doing it wrong can wreck your knees!

Most of all just do whatever you feel like you can do, don't start pushing yourself until you're better from the surgery and know your limits. And good luck again!


I find the induction to be pretty good. They are mainly there to show how to use the machines safely, not what exercises you should be doing.

Ive had a couple of personal trainers and found them great. Told them what I wanted to get out of the gym and then drew up a plan to help.

I find 30mins to 1hr enough for a session. I wouldnt bother looking on youtube as there way too many people who think they know what they are doing but are totally incorrect.

http://www.bodybuilding.com is an amazing site to help with whatever fitness regime you need, quite a few people on this site use it.

Great deal you have there, I cant believe it is so cheap. Perfect weather to be exercising anyway as its too cold to do anything else :p Enjoy yourself :)
Sure they help you see how to work the machine, but for most of them the instructions are written on the side of it :p

And please do check youtube if you are doing anything that isn't simple :p I don't know how you can suggest not looking at it, because it's generally easy to see who is doing it right. For example strength coaches such as Mark Rippetoe have videos up on there. Not looking for the right source can be terrible for you, and some PTs really don't know what's up. I mean there's a PT in our gym who does squats, and after looking at him do them I swear his knees are just gonna blow up one day because his form is so bad.

Honestly if you're going to spend an hour every so often in there you can afford to spend an hour first to make sure you're doing them right, and from reputable sources. Some trainers are good, but other's really aren't. Considering my friend described the course to become qualified as one "a joke", and his life literally is the gym, you have to take their word with a pinch of salt :p

Long post that shouldn't really need to be written, but doing things safetly should be your priority, especially with something like crohns and surgeries! Anyway, good luck!


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Good for you, LMV! For what it's worth, before I became ill I hated going to the gym too. I would do certain things like kayaking, but to actually go to a gym and work out was such a chore and a bore to me. Then I got ill and learned what it was to lose my health. When I hit remission I started working out again and found it really fun this time around. I feel SO healthy, normal, human, and just plain good when I work out! Hopefully your experience will be similar. You've definitely got the right attitude - you want to work out, and you're doing it for health rather than to get toned/skinny/whatever. That's why I work out too, to get as healthy as I can so I can fight my illness with everything I've got. :)

I'm glad you're starting out slow too, that's the best way. Start slowly, build yourself up and gradually do more over time. I primarily lift weights and do some cardio too - when I started working out, I did 2 days a week of very light weights. Over time I moved up to 3 days a week and increased the amount of weights I was lifting. At this point, close to 2 years after I started working out, I'm now up to 5 days per week (3x weights and 2x cardio with some yoga thrown in too). It was very slow going, I had lost a lot of muscle mass from being ill and from being on steroids, but I stuck with it and I have regained my muscles and feel great when I work out. Stick with it even if it's very slow progress - slow progress is better than no progress - and don't compare yourself to what other people in the gym are doing. I can't always do the abdominals machines, for example, but it's okay because I know my body is not like anyone else's in that gym so I just worry about myself and avoid making comparisons to other people. Just do your thing, listen to your body, don't push yourself too hard especially at first. Good luck and have fun! :)
You do need some time to heal, so perhaps the first month only doing treadmill to build up your cardio and tone your body. You will be amazed how it will tone you, slim hips, etc...and easier on your body. Try 20 minutes, in 5 min increments, increasing speed each minute until 5 min, then go back down to lower level and for next five minutes increase, then go down, then back up...time will fly by and the way you are exercising will burn more calories and tone quicker. Again, take it easy, but you will reap the benefits. I have gotten over an illness and for two months have used 20+ minutes of treadmill as workout and feel great. I steam/shower/steam/shower and then sleep like a baby afterward! Hope you feel better soon!
Thanks guys! Your encouragement and enthusiasm is spurring me on!
Rygon - I couldn't believe how cheap it was either! The reason I haven't joined sooner is because I don't have a job and I always thought it would be so expensive. I have worked it out and going twice a week like that is cheaper than a real membership for a year, but if I am employed and no longer seen as concessions then it goes up to £4.75 a time, which is more expensive.
I hope I will get into it enough to keep it up, but if I don't then I wont have that money coming out my account every month.
I went out and bought some trainers the other day! (I didn't even have a pair of trainers!!)
Cat - I'm glad it worked for you! I really am hoping it makes me feel better! I'm going to try and get into a routine set days a week to make me go!
Edit: Omg, maybe I'll meet some hot guys in the gym? Does that happen? lol


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LMV, I have noticed a few good-looking guys check me out while I'm in the gym so it's totally possible. I am married though so obviously haven't gone up and said hi or anything! My hubby works out with me sometimes and he said he's also noticed guys checking me out in the gym. I find it a bit embarassing but it's nice to know I'm still looking good, ha ha.

That is a very good thought about setting a specific time/day to go work out. I do that too and it works really well. If you have an MP3 player, it also really helps to set up a workout playlist. Get some good music going to get you pumped and keep your energy up throughout the workout. Try to eat something right after your workout too, protien is particularly good. It'll help your muscles heal faster and be less sore.
So I had my induction! It went well, the guy probably pushed me a bit harder than I would have done (I did tell him I had recently had surgery). But its probably good he pushed me like that because it showed me what I can do. And I'm sure it was still a very gentle work out.
We used the treadmill, cross trainer, rowing machine, bikes and some weight machines.
Now all I have to do is keep going :)
I didn't see any hot guys but who knows, maybe next time! :p


well you're certainly going to ache tomorrow (and more the day after :p).
Its important to stretch afterwards for 5-10mins to help loosen all those muscles up.
Where your new trainers ok?

Glad you enjoyed it. If you need any help coming up with a exercise plan give us a shout (it can get a bit boring if you do the same stuff all the time or dont see the gains you would expect).
Word of advice, if your trainer suggests doing romanian dead lifts, you might point out that you have an IBD and some other exercise might be more ideal.

I remember the first time doing that exercise with a trainer. It was easy! I didn't really feel much as I lifted the weight with my back thigh muscles. I pointed that out to him. Weight was then added, of course. That wasn't the case the next morning. I felt sore all over my upper legs and rear! The big problem being that it became difficult to squat for the next few days - a problem someone with an IBD does not want to have.:)
Nothing wrong with romanian deadlifts! Although you should be getting just as much hamstring action from squats if you go low enough :p

Soreness or DOMS you can keep exercising through too, don't be discouraged by it. Your muscles will be less sore after workouts the more you do them. But if it's an injury rather than just soreness you have to stop for a bit!
Yes I am definitely going to ache tomorrow! My body feels a little tired.
My trainers were ok! I only noticed them rubbing a little bit while I was on the rowing machine, but they didn't do it enough to cause a blister.
Thanks Rygon, I might take you up on that after a couple of weeks :)
Awesome job on going to the gym! You might find it kind of turns into your 'sanctuary' when you get used to going. It's nice to go in there, focus on what you're doing and forget about everything besides what you're there to do; to exercise. It becomes a nice stress relief, even if it is designed to physically stress your body. :)


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How's it going, LMV? Have you been back to the gym? Were you really sore the day after your first workout?

I must say, I re-read your first post - you have to pay $2.50 (I don't know how to make the "pound" symbol!) every time you go? That sounds expensive to me honestly! Is that how gyms work in the UK, you have to pay every time you go? I joined a gym here in the US where I pay a $29 annual fee, and then $10 per month. I can go an unlimited number of times, as often as I want, for that $10. And I go quite often, so paying $2.50 each time would make me go broke really quickly!

zilla7777, I feel the same way - the gym is my sanctuary! Particularly when I'm in the gym alone. The gym I pay for is huge and there's always people there, but there's also a little gym in the basement of my workplace that nobody but me ever goes to. So when I'm in that gym particularly, I can crank up my music and I never have to wait for a weight machine to open up and I'm not self-conscious at all because nobody is there but me. I can just do my thing without a care in the world, it's lovely. It's the place where I feel the happiest and healthiest, and it's the only place where I can forget for a moment about having an illness. :D
Hey, I just went again for my second time, and I'll go next on Friday. It was good. I didn't feel like I was there for very long because I can't do very long on each machine yet! But I will get better :)
Cat - I actually thought this was a really good deal. Its not normally how gyms work here. I have signed up for casual use. Gym membership is usually about £25-30 a month, which at the moment I cant actually afford being unemployed. That is for unlimited use you can go as often as you like as you described. I did my calculations to make sure the way I was doing it was working out cheaper and it does for going twice a week. If I was to go as often as you did then I probably would need a full membership.
Also, as I have just started, I hope that I am making a lifestyle change, but if it is just a phase then I don't have to worry about £30 coming out my account every month which I'm not using. And that £2.50 is for concessions which included unemployed so I was pleased I could get it cheaper at the moment.
But anyway, my body feels tired, but I feel good in myself. It was nice to get out the house drive off on my own and do something for myself :)


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Hi LMV, did you go on Friday? How was it? It gets a little easier each time you go, right? Those first few workouts are tough and you'll feel sore afterwards, but don't let that get you down. Keep it up, like you said it is a lifestyle change, and every time you go it is a choice. But believe me, it's a good choice and your body will thank you for it. :)
Also interested in how you're doing, I forget how much time passes haha.

I just thought too, have you made any changes to your diet now you've started going the gym? I've no idea what your diet was like before though so I'm not gonna write out a massive paragraph on what to eat yet :p
I belong to Woman's Workout World, where I only pay $7.99/month for life, includes all the aerobics, yoga and spin cycling classes I could possibly desire, and membership is good at any one if their many branch locations.

When I belonged to Gold's Gym though, for the best "hot" guys, you wanted to get there early in the morning, like between 5-6 am. That's when all the professionals were there, to get their morning routine in before heading out to work. Most guys there during the day were in full-time training for competition, while evenings and weekends was a "meat market" and not in a good way. Gold's gym had better instructors though, including world class champions and professional athletes. It's also where I met my cycling group.

I personally get a better workout from group classes, where I can challenge myself against others and draw inspiration from them.

Hope you find your new gym inspiring as well.
Yes I went on Friday, and went yesterday as well. :)
Friday it felt like it was easier, but yesterday felt harder again!
Price, no I haven't changed my diet. I figured if it made me hungrier I would just eat more! But my diet is pretty healthy, I'm a nutrition graduate so I'm pretty clued up on that, but thanks :)


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I'm glad to hear you've been back a couple of times! :) I've had experiences like that too, particularly when I was starting out with exercise, where everything would feel great and easy one day, and then the next time I was at the gym everything would be super challenging. Not sure if it's an IBD thing or not. I used to work out semi-regularly before I became ill and I don't remember having experiences like that back then. Who knows! But I will say that I don't really have experiences like that anymore, so I think increasing my fitness has helped insulate me against having those super challenging days. So, keep up with it and it will get easier - not every day will be easy, but generally speaking it will get easier the more you do it.
I went to the gym today, and while I was on the treadmill, which I usually do at the beginning to warm up by brisk walking. Today I thought, I'm going to try jogging....
It was a bit of a mistake really because I couldn't get the pace right! Too slow, too fast. Then I realised I'm not as fit as I thought I was and had to take it back down to a walk pretty quickly! And my leg muscles tightened up!
But at least I fancied giving it a go! I must be getting better or I wouldn't have tried!
Anyone got any tips for this?
Running/jogging is something you should work up to gradually.

I still have painful memories of when I joined a few friends on their evening jog around the lake. I hadn't run previously, but aerobicize and cycle long distance, so didn't think a mile around a lake would even be that much of a challenge. At the end, my legs were a little shakey, but I wasn't even that winded, so against my friends' advice, I joined them for a 2nd mile around that lake.

I was fine too, until after we got home. I was sitting on the floor, and my legs cramped up! Charlie horses in both my calf muscles, hard as rocks, and so horribly painful, that I couldn't move and spent the next four hours, rubbing and trying to stretch out my legs. Good thing we were at my house, because rather than attempt to stand, I had them bring me a blanket and pillow, and I slept the night on that floor.

So just work up gradually, don't overdo, and make sure you stretch, both before and afterwards.
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I definitely agree with the stretching advice and about working up gradually/starting slowly and not overdoing it. Interval training is good too - you could try walking for a few minutes, then jogging for 30 seconds, then walking again, and so on. I personally can't jog myself, it hurts my hip arthritis too much, so I usually warm up on the exercise bike or the elliptical machine. Those machines are lower-impact (easier on the joints) and don't cause me added arthritis pain the way that jogging does.

The more orange man is supposed to be running, even if it looks like he's getting ready for the triple jump. Easy way to get started with running a decent distance/speed :p

I would've just put the pic up here but it's massive and I don't know how to resize.
I did a tiny bit of walking for a bit, then jogging for a bit, and back to walking again. It went a bit better today, but I still feel a bit strange running. Why do my calf muscles feel tight after running? Am I not doing it right? Also tried out some free weights for the first time today as well :)
I think I might be starting to like that feeling when you can feel yourself working hard.
Unfortunately I'm not going to get a chance to go again this week. My mum is a teacher and its half term this week so she has lots of plans and there isn't another chance for me to use the car.


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When I tried running, I recall my calf muscles feeling the same way. I don't know why that happens but it is normal and I think it should pass as you get more used to jogging. I'm guessing it's just that the calf muscles aren't used to jogging and haven't been built up enough yet. I would just make sure not to overdo it and also to stretch afterwards.

I'm so happy to hear you say that you are starting to like the feeling of working out hard! That feeling is my happy place, ha ha. When I feel like that, I feel like I'm normal and healthy. When I first started working out, and I'd feel that feeling, it would bring the biggest smile to my face. (Good thing I was usually working out alone back then, because I'm sure I looked completely crazy with a giant smile and sweat pouring down my face!)

As for not being able to go to the gym this week, is there anything you can do at home to work out? You could look up fitness videos or yoga moves online and try some. You could do some pushups, sit ups, lunges, etc. Even 10 minutes with a hula hoop is a surprisingly good workout (and not too hard on the tummy either). Or you could try the jog/walk thing around your neighborhood if the weather isn't too bad. If there are stairs in your house, you could walk up and down the stairs a few times, that's very good cardio. Good luck, I hope you can stay active even without access to a car!
Yeah thats a good idea, I have a yoga DVD so I might give that a go!
I have to make sure my cat isn't around though coz he gets all interested and comes over and gets in the way!
I'm not sure if I want to go jogging around the village just yet though! I want to get a bit better at it before I do that!
My dad runs 8 miles a week around the village on a saturday morning and everyone sees him! Its what he is known in the village for. :p
I've just said to my sister about going on bike rides together when the weather gets nice and she says its a good idea. I don't have a bike but could use my mum's because she doesn't use it. My sister's boyfriend is a bike mechanic and he made her one out of bits he had lying around. He said its probably worth about £600!


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My pets are the same way! If I unroll my yoga mat, my dog and cat both think it's for them to lie down on. :p I have to kick them out of the room when I ride the stationary bike too, otherwise they're liable to get bonked in the head with the moving pedals. My cat can take a hint and will go elsewhere, but my dog feels rejected and will sit just outside of the room and sigh sadly until I'm done riding the bike.

And I can relate to what you said about your dad being known for running. My mother is the same way - she runs marathons. She's crazy about it too, she's completed the "50 states club" (she ran one marathon in each of the US states) and now she's trying to run a marathon on each of the continents. Me on the other hand, I can't even run one mile without terrible arthritis pain. I never liked running when I was younger/healthier either because I hated the comparisons between me and my mom. So I get it, I totally do. I like your idea about riding bikes, I love riding mine too. :) It doesn't hurt the arthritis and I don't get compared to my mother - win win!
Wow! I can't believe your mum has done that many marathons!!
I aim to be able to run a mile one day but I know its going to take a long time to get there!
Funny how just as we have been talking about this my sister has decided to go for a run! She is probably a bit fitter than me but doesn't go to the gym or anything, she does workouts from youtube videos! I would be interested to see which of us is fitter since I have been going to the gym though!
I am looking forward to going on a bike ride :) It will be nice on a nice day. I should do more exercise bike at the gym. So far I find it hard to do more then 5 mins :S


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5 minutes on the bike is a good start! Keep going with it, you'll get a little better each time. When I started trying to do more cardio, I could not even manage 3 minutes on the bike without getting completely winded. It's taken awhile to build myself up, but I can now do a 30 minute hill program on the stationary bike - I huff and puff and sweat and sometimes want to stop, it's very tough, but I keep going and can pedal the entire 30 minutes. I definitely want to go on bike rides outside when the weather gets nicer so I'm working on building myself up to be able to do so. I did 7 miles on my exercise bike in about 35 minutes yesterday - on a hill program! That's new for me, I hadn't gone further than 6 miles before, so I'm still getting better and stronger all the time. You just have to keep doing it and I promise you'll see improvements. :)
Yeah your right, just keep at it :)
It probably doesn't help that I start the bike after already being on the treadmill and rowing machine. I plan to swap it all around at some point though.
I know this is probably a silly question, but how do you know when you are putting on muscle or toning up?
I am slim so its kinda hard to tell... I wish I was still at uni and had access to the body composition machine. :(
What exercises to people find ok for the tummy? I've realised thats pretty much the only thing I'm not working on really, and its probably the bit of my body I dislike the most!
Your tummy doesn't really need working out so long as you're using it to balance weight during lifts, but if you're not then I suggest looking into hanging leg raises or crunches. Those two are probably the best.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQds_kvhEHo < Leg Raises
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKg_cdwq9l4 < Crunches

And you won't really be able to tell between "toning" and putting on muscle, although you'll be able to stop a drop in bodyfat%. Don't worry about getting too muscular though because women don't really have enough testosterone to get bulky.


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Swapping it all around will keep things from getting stagnant - if you do the same thing in the gym every time, your body can get used to it and then you won't get as much benefit from your workout. So definitely switch things up at times.

As for how to know when you are putting muscle on or toning up - it took me at least 6 months to notice any difference. I am probably a more extreme case as I was really sick for a year and then on steroids for 7 months, so I lost almost all my muscle mass. I had to spend about 6 months just building myself back up to being where a normal average human would be at. I started working out in about May of 2010, and it was in about January 2011 that I was at a clothes store, trying something on, and in the changing room mirror I noticed that I had arm muscles! That was the first I had noticed that I had noticeable muscles. So, it may take awhile, but you should notice it when it happens.

For reference, my hubby doesn't have IBD nor any other illnesses, and he's been working out probably about 2x per week since late October 2012, and he said he's recently noticed that his arms look a little bigger. So that only took him 3 or 4 months of fairly casual exercise to notice a difference. I think it takes a bit longer for us IBD'ers (or at least it took longer for me) to put on noticeable muscle.

And as for abdominals exercises, I find doing the plank position is pretty easy on me. You put your forearms on the ground and lift your body like you're going to do a push-up, and just hold the position. It's tougher than it sounds! If you can do it for 30 seconds, that's pretty good. I can't always hold it for 30 seconds but I try to do it for that long. Here's a link with more info on the plank:
Thanks for the link guys!
Pike don't worry, I don't want to look like a body builder! I am naturally curvy so I don't think I will lose that. I guess I just want to know that what I've got is a good ratio of muscle and fat.
My main thing with the exercise is I want to feel healthier and fitter, anything else that comes with it is a bonus! :)


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My main thing with the exercise is I want to feel healthier and fitter, anything else that comes with it is a bonus! :)
That is exactly the right attitude to have. :) That's basically my attitude too - I want to make my body stronger and healthier on the inside. Any improvements to the outside are just icing on the cake. And no, you definitely won't look like a bodybuilder - my understanding is that those scary-muscular female bodybuilders all take a lot of steroids (and I don't mean pred!).

How's it been going with working out at home this week? Have you found exercises that you like that you can do at home?
Didn't get on too well at home! But I did manage to get to the gym again on friday.
I do seem to find it hard to exercise at home. I just want to sit on my bum all day! :p
I have a horrible day tomorrow - interview in the morning and appointment with the surgeon in the afternoon :S
Good luck at the interview!

And yeah it's a bit of a pain trying to motivate yourself at home to do exercise, when you go the gym there's other people there so it just feels like more of a group activity, even if you don't speak to anyone :p

And yeah to go with what cat said, you'll never look like a female bodybuilder unless you roid :p The ones that do at the gym I go to you can actually smell the roids on them, it's horrifying!
It's very difficult for women to put on that type of muscles body builders have. You'd have to lift weights for hours a day and even then, it isn't something that happens "accidentally".

You really don't have to worry about it.
If you want a quick, cheap workout at home on days you can't get to the gym, I'd recommend buying a set of resistance tubes/bands. I got some a couple of years ago when I was doing rehab for my knee and have just started using them again after finally putting on some weight.
There are so many exercises you can do with them, on pretty much every part of your body. Just using them the last month has toned my arms and legs right up.


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LMV, interview? As in, job interview? Best of luck with it!!

I had one of those "sit on my bum" days yesterday. Didn't leave the house, didn't even change out of my pajamas, just played video games and watched TV all day long. A very lazy Sunday. Don't let a lazy day wreck your fitness plans though - I'm headed right back to the gym today. I hope you can get back to the gym soon too! Good luck with the interview & appointments today!
Yes it was a job interview! I don't think it went very well but my appointment with my surgeon did.
Don't worry I'm heading back to the gym today! :p
I feel I have a bit of a cold coming on, and I woke up with bad stomach pains last night, but I'll just take it slow and see how it goes.
Lazy days are good once in a while :)
I've had a good couple of work outs at the gym :)
I'm going to mix up my activities now so I do them in another order and focus on other things. So far I have really excelled in the rowing machine which I always did second, and by the time I got onto the bike I was too tired to do more than 5 mins. So I started on the bike today and did 10mins, then 10 on rowing machine and could only do 5 on the treadmill! So it seems atm 25min cardio is about my max. I would like to try and get this up.
I'm now going to start my work outs with 10mins on the bike, then do the treadmill second to try and build that up - more running, and finish on the rowing machine as it is my strongest one.


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That sounds like a good plan to mix things up. Are you doing any weight lifting in addition to the cardio? Maybe try the weights every other time you go. I think we talked about this in another thread, but as you know, corticosteroids can rob you of muscle mass and I believe bone density too - and weight bearing exercises can build muscle and bone. I'm probably a bit biased since weight lifting is my favorite form of exercise. I had to force myself to start doing cardio so it sounds like we're kind of opposite. I did an entire hour on the exercise bike on a hill program yesterday though so it definitely is possible to build up your ability to do cardio! The most I had done in the past was 45 mins so I feel really good about being able to do an hour. Anyway, I'm getting off-subject. I'm glad you've had some good workouts! :) How often are you going to the gym?
Wow that's great you got up to an hour! :)
Yes I am doing some weights too but not as much as cardio.
I'm still keeping up twice a week. I'm probably getting to the point where I could do more but I don't want to push it or get bored.


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I started at 2x per week too, and I found that I got bored with that but in the opposite way - I needed to do more! So I went to 3x per week pretty quickly and stayed with that for quite awhile before I moved up to 4x and now 5 to 6x per week. But you know your body best, so just listen to it and it'll tell you if it wants more exercise (mine pretty much begged for it!). My body is quite happy now that I'm working out almost every day. I didn't think I'd have the time or energy to do as much as I do, and I did have to build up to it, but I'm really happy being able to work out so often.

Maybe you could try working out at home one day a week in addition to going to the gym 2x per week? You mentioned not really having motivation or being in the right mindset to work out at home, so maybe use this as an opportunity to push yourself a little bit and get to where you can work out at home too. Personally, I like doing yoga at home, because I feel like I look silly when I do it, so I'd rather do it where nobody can see me. And if I get good enough then I might have the confidence to do yoga where other people are around.
Yeah I might start having a think about what I can do at home. What are those stretchy tube things with handles on the ends called? I bought one of them once but never used it! I wonder where that is.
Do you work full time Cat?
I'm worried that my gym sessions will go out the window if I get a job. It will be my first full time job as well so it will take me a little while to get used to it. Plus I will have to change my membership because I only have off peak at the moment.


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I do work full-time. I'm lucky because there is a little gym in the basement of my workplace. So when I first started working out, I would go spend my full lunch hour down in the gym, then eat my lunch at my desk when my workout was over. I still do that sometimes. Other days, I go to the gym right after work (I'm not a morning person so I don't like to work out before work!). And sometimes I work out at home - I have a stationary bike at home, and a Wii Fit game that has yoga moves on it. If you work full-time, you can still work out regularly. I work 40 hours a week and I can still find an hour or so each day to exercise. It's tricky sometimes but it's definitely possible!

As for the stretchy thing, is it a resistance band? I have one that my physical therapist gave me. You use it to add challenge to certain exercises. I googled and came up with this:
Yeah that looks like them! I wonder where they are.
I'm thinking if I get a job I will work out straight after work. I might have to join a different gym though depending on which job I get. I don't want to think about it too much though, I might not get the job!


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Fingers crossed that you do get the job! Is there a gym anywhere near where your potential workplace is? Who knows, maybe there's a gym in the building. I didn't realize there was a gym in my workplace until after I got hired there - they gave me a tour of the building on my first day of work and that's when I first learned that there is a gym the basement and that it's free for employees to use. So maybe you'll luck out and have a gym in your workplace too!
Yeah it would be good if there was! I'm really hoping I do get one of them though!
I had an interview for it on Thursday and I felt it went really well. Plus I had to do some online tests before hand and I got 99% on the maths one! I was so surprised. So I kinda feel like I have already proven myself to them. If I get that one it will be about a 30 min drive home on the motorway, in the opposite direction to the gym I go to now.
Also its a temporary job, so it depends if I get a 6 or 12 month contract as to how keen I will be to change my membership financially! Anyway, its not worth thinking about it now.
I've been working on an activity I have to do for another company before my interview on Tuesday. If I get that one, it will be a 6 month contract and I will probably have to go and live in london for that time so I definitely wouldn't be able to use my gym!
My plan worked!
By doing my strongest machine last I was able to get up to 30mins of cardio!
I'm very pleased with myself!
I'm going to carry on building up the amount of running I'm doing on the treadmill... Thats my plan for now! I don't really have any other goals right now, other than building up my routine to include the cross trainer as well.


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Yay LMV, I'm glad you were able to meet a fitness goal! :D Do you have a long-term goal, other than just generally get fit & healthy? That's pretty much my long-term goal, to get as fit and healthy as I possibly can so that I can fight my illnesses with everything I've got. In the short-term, I had wanted to be able to ride the exercise bike for at least one hour, and I met that goal last week. :) Now my goal is to keep doing that, and I did it again yesterday - so far so good! Superficially speaking, as a kind of silly goal I'd kind of like to have nice 6-pack abs. :p I know that one is still a long way off (although I can tell I do have nice ab muscles hiding underneath the belly flab, ha ha). So anyway, yeah, it's always good to have goals, no matter how silly or difficult they may be.

When do you hear back about the job? I hope they don't make you wait too long while they decide! Good luck!!
I had another interview today (the London one) who said they would let me know by Friday, and I don't know when the lasts week one will tell me. I'm rly nervous about it because its the most hopeful I have been about getting a job so far. I would genuinely be really happy with either job.
I don't know about long term goals, to be honest I never thought I would get this far!
I suppose I could aim to do the race for life which is 5K, but I don't really like running! So I don't know.
I found my resistance bands but they are not what I thought they were.
They have foot holes and a handle on the other end, so I think they are for doing stomach exercises but I have no idea how to use them!!


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I'm sure if you googled or looked on youtube, you could find some exercises to do with the resistance bands. I have one resistance band that my physical therapist gave me a long time ago, but I only know how to do my physical therapy exercises on it.

If you don't like running, then definitely don't make that one of your goals. Fitness goals should be fun and something you want to do. Do you have a bike? I have some bike goals for myself - I'd love to ride around each of the lakes in my city (one is really big though so that would be a very long ride, like I'm guessing about 30 miles). I'm going to try to ride around the smallest lake first and see if I can do it. I'm going to make it fun and will take scenic photos along the way and stuff like that. Also just a general goal, I'd like to take our kayak out more this year than we did last year (we have a 2-person kayak). We did 3 kayak day-trips last summer and it was so fun. We brought our dog and packed picnic lunches and took scenic photos. :) So I think I'd like to go kayaking more this summer.

So yeah, that was kind of rambling, but I think fitness goals can and should be fun so that it keeps you wanting to stick with it. :)
Yeah your right it should be fun...
I might enjoy running once I can do it! :p
I don't have my own bike but my mum never uses hers. Apparently it has a puncture though. But my sister's bf is a bike mechanic so I might ask him what I need to get for it.
Me and my sister have been thinking about going on a cheap holiday to the New Forest and take our bikes with us. There are a lot of cycling routes around there. Depends if I get a job or not though!
In the meantime though I'm just going to carry on trying to build up my endurance for cardio. Maybe once I can happily do 10mins on each machine ill start to do longer on one, like focus on the bike or the treadmill more.
Also I just bought some other resistance bands for training at home. Only about £6 on amazon with postage.


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Fingers crossed for you about the job! It seems like it's taking forever for you to hear back, I'm getting anxious on your behalf! I'm not sure what the New Forest is, is it actually a forest? If so, that sounds nice and peaceful for biking through. We have an arboretum in the middle of my city, it's basically just a huge park with a lot of trees and not much else. But you can walk/drive/bike through it. I tried biking through the whole thing last year but I only made it about halfway through before I got too tired. This year, I'm going to try to bike through the whole thing (it's on the route that goes around the small lake anyway). Anyway, I'm rambling again. Good luck with the job, and let me know how you like the resistance bands and if you find good exercises to do with them. I just have one and I only know how to do a few things with it, so it doesn't get much use.
Haha, yes its a real forest! :p Its also heathland and it has villages in amongst it as well. Its a national park, and a popular holiday destination in the UK. You get New Forest Ponies wondering around. And as I said before miles and miles of cycle tracks. Its probably about 50 miles from where I live.
I've had a look for some exercises to do with them... Can't wait for them to arrive so I can try them!


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Oh, ponies wandering around, that sounds very cool! All we really get around here is wild turkeys running around, and they're kind of dumb & ugly. :p We get the ocassional deer too but nothing close to ponies. That forest sounds really cool, I hope you get to take your holiday there and ride your bike all around. :)
Thanks! I hope so too! Obviously its very weather dependant but I have found a holiday park which has a gym and an indoor or outdoor swimming pool! So even if it rains all week we could still have an exercise holiday! :p
It would be something to look forward to.


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That sounds perfect! I haven't been swimming in ages, that sounds really fun. I hope things work out so that you can get the job AND go on that holiday. :)

How's it been going with you going to the gym? Are you finding it gets a little easier each time (generally speaking)?
Yeah I think I am finding it easier, I can definitely do more now thinking back to how I was on that first session! Its really good to be able to see the improvements because It makes me want to keep going and keep improving :)


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Yay, I'm glad you're seeing improvements! :) That's very encouraging and I hope it continues. Are you still going to the gym 2x per week?
Yes I'm still going twice a week,
thinking about taking it up to three but I'll see how I get on with the resistance bands at home first.
I just got rejected from one of the jobs :cry: the one in London.
Still haven't heard from the other one, the interview was a week ago now.


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Aw, sorry to hear you didn't get the job. :( Fingers still crossed for the other one! As for going to the gym 3x per week, if you're thinking about it then you're probably ready. When I first started working out, I was going 2x per week for maybe the first 2 or 3 months. Then I felt like I really wanted to be doing more, so I moved up to 3x per week and that went well. I felt good & satisfied at 3x per week for a long time, probably about a year. Then more recently I moved up to 4 days, 5 days, and now pretty much every single day I get some form of exercise. I love it, I think I'm getting addicted to the endorphins, ha ha. :p Anyway, just listen to your body, it'll let you know when it's ready for 3x per week.
Had another gym sesh today and felt really good :)
And my resistance bands arrived so I'll have a go at them in the next couple of days :)
The best thing is this -
Me and my sister were talking about which sorts of exercises we do for different muscles. And I was showing her the action of what I do for triceps with free weights. And she said, wow your arms look really toned, let me feel them!
yay, I have toned arms! :)
Must be all that rowing machine.


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That's great! :) I remember when I first noticed muscle tone in my arms, I was just shocked that I could actually see muscles! And back in October when the hubby and I finally joined a proper gym, he told me that he wanted to start working out because he wants to get "awesome arms" like mine. It's kind of amazing to see all your hard work start to pay off physically like that. :D I'm glad you could make your sister jealous, ha ha.
Gym is a great idea..its been 3 months for me now and I am much more fit, and gained some muscles..and I am loving it...its now a part of my routine for life.


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I find I'm that way too, I feel like I'm getting pretty fit but if I try a new type of exercise, it's much harder the first time than I anticipate! It's like my muscles aren't used to doing specifically that so I'm kind of a mess the first time, ha ha. I usually just do weights and cardio regularly, but sometimes I try to do some yoga too. And if I'm doing yoga for the first time in a long time, I find that it's difficult and I get quite sore afterwards! But if I do it again shortly thereafter, it's much easier. So hopefully the next time you do the resistance bands, it should go much easier for you.
Yeah I'm sure I will get used to it!
Its also because they are strange things I think, like it feels funny to not be able to put my legs out because my arms are stopping them. I'm so glad I didn't get stronger bands!
Owie! My leg muscles are really feeling it after that workout yesterday! I reckon its all those squats. I wasn't used to doing those even without the resistance bands!
I'm going to put off the gym until tomorrow now :p


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Ouch! My leg muscles are kind of sore today too. I rode the bike yesterday but then I had to keep going up & down the basement stairs and I think that's what made me sore! Feel better soon!
Ahh... The gym was hard today!
I was doing well up until about half way through my workout. When I was only 3mins into my rowing machine I wanted to stop but I kept it going up to 10mins (did the last min really slow coz I felt like I was going to be sick!)
Today was the first time I thought "I don't like going to the gym!"
But I felt quite happy driving home afterwards!!
Yeah, I used to get myself pumped up, going to the gym, working out. Then I suppose the obvious dawned on me, working out hurts! Now to keep me going I tend to set times I'm going to exercise and stick with it. I'll also mix up the routines to keep it interesting. This morning I mixed things up, instead of lifting weights I only did body resistance exercises, push ups, leaning against a wall squatted down for a minute, etc. It was good. It isn't as difficult, but will keep me in shape till I decide to return to the old routine.

Not sure if this courts in the exercise section, think I'll be exercising my mind more frequently also. Bought a few summer books. I'm doing what I can to hurry up this cold overcast weather to move on!
great to know so many members are into gymming now. I feel great the days I am into gym..especially when I come out tired and all sweat. I love that feeling.


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LMV, have you been back to the gym since that bad experience? I hope you keep up with it, don't let one bad day throw you off course. I would have quit a hundred times over by now if I let one bad day derail my fitness plans! I don't think I've ever thought "I don't like going to the gym" but I've thought things like "Why am I doing this again?" and "This is just too hard." You just have to keep going and push yourself through it, though. For the vast majority of the time, I love going to the gym, and fortunately I don't have too many days where I have those thoughts, and when I do I just need to remind myself why I do what I do. Because I have an illness and I need to feel like I'm physically fighting it. Because I now know the value of my health and I try every day to hold on to it and to make it a little bit better. Because I'm not going to let my illness win! And on really bad days, when even those aren't the most compelling of arguments, I just focus on how good I'll feel when I'm all done with my workout. Like you said, you felt great driving home, so remember that feeling for the next time you have a bad day. I always feel better after a workout, always, no matter how crappy or tired or un-motivated I feel beforehand. :)
Cat, I plan to go back tomorrow!
It was only while the exercise was feeling hard that I was feeling that! But tbh I'm not all that motivated to go tomorrow.
But I will.
Maybe if I do well tomorrow I will feel better about it all. I don't know if I'm starting to get bored of the routine though. I think I need a goal to motivate me but I don't know what...
Cat, I plan to go back tomorrow!
It was only while the exercise was feeling hard that I was feeling that! But tbh I'm not all that motivated to go tomorrow.
But I will.
Maybe if I do well tomorrow I will feel better about it all. I don't know if I'm starting to get bored of the routine though. I think I need a goal to motivate me but I don't know what...
hey dont give up....u'll get used to it..i know initially you feel not so motivated after some time but if you continue you'll get over that feeling and get habituated to gym..and thats really great for you in the long run.
I went back to the gym again today. It was hard again! At exactly the same point I wanted to stop again. But I still kept it going.
Haha, I saw a girl from school there who was in the year below me. She was rly annoying bk at school and always went on about being allergic to strawberries. "I'm allergic to strawberries, they bring me up in a rash" at the time I had an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts so wasn't particularly sympathetic to her rash.
Anyway I suddenly saw her at the gym having her induction. I was laughing to myself coz I imagined her telling the instructor about her allergy to strawberries on her medical form!!
My Mum and sister found that quite funny as well.
I'm wondering if I found working out hard because its my time of the month? Anyone else get that?
I can't say I get that, but some gym days are just harder than others, usually because of diet or lack of sleep. Like on a good day I can squat 70kg, on a bad day I have to drop the weight a bit, or just do less reps.

There are more factors to it too, stimulants like caffeine can help boost your efforts in the gym and it's also easier when your insulin is higher. Not sure that's the right way to word it, but about an hour after eating is optimum.

Got dared to drink 8 pints of milk the other day actually, the next gym day was really easy, but it wasn't nice drinking that much milk at all lol
Aw, that's wonderful that you made it back into the gym, giving it a go! I hope you are able to keep at. I have a friend that has tried gyms off and on for a few years. It never did stick for him. He liked the idea of working out, but staying with it was hard. Here of late though he seems to have finally found a workout he really enjoys, karate. It's unreal, I've never seem him so enthused for exercising before. He not only goes to the regular classes during the week, he has been known to drive an hour for a weekend class. I'm really happy that he found the workout that motivates him. He's looking great. A little beat up and blue of late - the class has begun contact hitting, and sometimes wonder if he has become the instructors demonstration subject, but he's hanging in there.

I have to admit, I fell flat with my exercises today. This isn't like me. Today is suppose to be leg day, and while I'm pulling back doing body weight resistance workouts, which are easier and lets the body rest, it just didn't seem right. I'll try again tomorrow. Probably. I have tennis summer tennis hitting coming up & keep telling myself a nice rest is allowed!
Thanks beach and price :)
I don't think I would have done as well with my fitness if it wasn't for the advice and support I get on here!
Interesting about the caffeine. I did know it was a stimulant. Sometimes If I have a coffee before the gym I think, oh this will help for the gym. I defo didn't have any before I went today, I can't remember if I did on wednesday or not.


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These are all interesting points, particularly about the insulin. With my GERD, I usually wait 2 hours minimum after eating to hit the gym. If I go an hour after eating, I will likely vomit, that's just too soon for me after eating. So I usually work out 2 to 3 hours after eating, and I have noticed that if I am closer to the 3 hour range, I'm pretty much running on empty. I can still do my workout, but I feel empty and like I need to dig deeper to get the energy to finish, and I am starving by the end! Personally I avoid caffeine (migraine trigger) so that's not an issue for me, and I also wouldn't even drink one glass of milk (lactose intolerance).

LMV, I'm glad you're keeping up with it, even though it's been hard the last couple of times. I hope it gets easier again soon! Keep going, don't give up! That's too funny about the strawberry girl, ha ha. But I'm confused, you have to fill out a medical form when you join the gym over there? Here, or at least at my gym, all I had to fill out was stuff like name, address, phone #, and credit card info so they can bill me every month. They asked nothing about medical stuff. Although there was probably something in the paperwork about how I agree to use the gym at my own risk & I can't sue them if I have a medical issue or hurt myself or whatever. Stuff like that is pretty standard here in the land of lawsuits.

Beach, don't you start slacking off now! Just kidding, you're entitled to a rest day, but don't let this slacking thing become a habit. ;) And what you described with your friend, I think that's why I've been afraid to look into martial arts classes. I'd love to learn to defend myself but I don't like the idea of getting beat up in the process of learning, especially with so many iffy body parts (hip & gut mostly), plus I bruise easily.


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Wow, only my doctor ever takes my BP! My gym asked no medical questions like that whatsoever, and they certainly didn't take my BP either. I don't think any gym here takes BP readings! Usually just doctors and sometimes pharmacists if you ask them to. The gym just wants to know how to take your money and that you won't sue them and that's about it. Maybe it's a doctor-patient confidentiality thing, like the gyms here don't want to know your health history because they're not beholden to keep it a secret the way your doctor is? I don't know.
There's doc-patient confidentiality here too, I think it's insurance incase you do sue, since there's nothing stopping us here.

That said I always say there's no medical conditions I have on the forms. Crohns doesn't get in the way and if you put it down some of them make you go and get a doctors note, which inconveniences me :p

They do have doctor induction type things though over here. Essentially if you qualify, a nurse helps you work out. I can't remember what the criteria were though
I had a wonderful leg workout this morning! Glad i did it. Took me awhile to find motivation to wake up, do it. Then I remembered if I do not workout on my legs at least once a week I develop knee joint pains. That's the price for playing tennis on hard courts over the years. It's a catch-22 situation. Workout and have sore muscles, or not workout and experience joint pain. So that was a deciding motivation this morning. Joint pain is so much less desirable than muscle soreness.

Now I'm soon off to the hardware store! I need a new garbage disposal unit. The old one broke the other day. I've been going through a similar thought process, do I really want to get under the kitchen sink, remove and install this wet and dirty machine today. I'm tired and sore from the workout already. The motivation comes from a newly developed odor coming from the kitchen sink. Not good.


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How's it going, LMV? I saw in the other thread that you did another resistance band workout, well done! Have you hit the gym again since, and if so did you feel better or the same? I hope you're doing well and not too sore from the resistance bands!
Hi cat! :)
I'm doing ok but I haven't been back to the gym yet. I'm not hurting so I think I recovered a lot better that time!
I had my first infliximab today! :) All went well so thats good, but meant I couldn't get to the gym and also I can't go tomorrow coz I have my job center meeting, plus a meeting at the hospital for my volunteering induction. And I need to get my friends bday presents!
So I'm going weds and friday this week. :)


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Wow, sounds like you have a busy week! I'm glad you're planning on specific days to work out, that always helps me so much too to have a plan and know exactly what I'm going to do on any given day. It makes me stick to it, too. If I don't make a solid plan to work out at a certain time on a certain day, then the day gets away from me and I end up not doing it. Now that I'm working out just about every day, I try to plan a whole week in advance. Today, bike from 6 to 7 PM. Tomorrow, weights in the little gym at lunch. Wednesday, bike, evening. Thurs, weights in the big gym, evening. Fri, bike or possibly yoga depending on how tired my legs are. Sat, weights. And so on. :) As long as I have my workout plan in place, I can manage the rest of my life around that.

I forget, did you ever hear back about that other job? I know you applied to 2 and one of them said no, but did you hear from the other one?
No I didn't hear from them, so I'm guessing thats a no!
I think maybe I should email them to check, but I'm scared of having the definite no. Although it would probably be best so I look interested still.
I'm really gutted I didn't get it because I thought it went really well.
Haven't had any other interviews since either. Although I've still managed to apply for jobs.


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How are you today, LMV? Still doing well after your first infliximab infusion? Did you make it to the gym today? If so, I hope it went well!
Just joined the gym! I'd been putting off joining it for ages because its a long old walk from my house, but the weathers improving!
I certainly will! I've always been into my fitness and this is probably the worst shape i've been in in years so i'm looking forward to getting myself back into a decent form.