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"Loading Doses" for Humira

I found out from my nurse that i will only get one standard dose to start with and then fortnightly there after. Does it make make a difference not to have any loading does?
They say they only got funding / license for one dose at the beginning in wales!!:mad2:

I had four when I had the loading dose and that is usually the way it is. I would think it would make a difference.
I was told if your being treated for rheumatoid arthritis you do not get the loading doses of Humira.

I was told that people that had a higher risk of issues with Humira would not get the loading dose for crohn's. With out shocking the system I could see how it would take longer for the Humira to be affected.
It's pretty shocking that there's a different standard of healthcare than across the border. I'd contact CCUK and find out what's going on.