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Lockdown Dreams, not Aliens again !

Hello. In lockdown some people can't sleep. Some sleep too much. I am one who is beginning to resemble the lot in "Fight Club". Never quite awake, everything is muted or a copy of a copy. The reason is vivid dreams and nightmares in technicolour. Last night, people were crowding in on me with no masks on. I was then abducted by two aliens in their spaceship but escaped. My eye bags now resemble suitcases.


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I've been going to bed between 4-9am and feel even more isolated because of the time difference. Not that I would be able to go anywhere and hang out with anyone but everyone I talk to thinks it's weird that I'm up so late. I still have a hard time falling asleep and wake up a lot and get up before 3pm. I often feel like a zombie and look more pale than usual. I don't recall any of my dreams anymore which I guess is new. Haven't really thought about it. There's no sense of normal anymore. I'm tired of being cooped up. The only time I go outside is either the store for necessities or doctor appointments.