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Lonely and venting !!

lonely and venting !!

Hi everyone, havent been on for a while. Been a bit depressed, which is odd since im in remission for the first time in 30 yrs. Working out lots , feeling pretty good. The thing is i just turned 48 and havent dated in 12 yrs. Now i feel well enough to, but feel ripped off all those years . I know its all in my head cuz many of you have wonderful understanding SO's . But i gotta tell ya its not easy getting out there again, and telling someone that i may get really sick again down the road. Also im an artist ,so i sit all day in my studio, and sometimes go for days without actually talking to anyone. Well anyway i guess im not looking for answers... just needed to vent on another crappy side effect of this disease, at least for me. Hugs to all.
Hi Simon!

I'm sorry you are feeling so down. I couldn't even imagine trying to date and explain all of these issues with this sucky disease. I met my husband right before my diagnosis and he had always been supportive. You just have to get out there and find the right person! If they are right for you, they won't be scared off.

That is really great news that you are in remission though! I hope you continue to keep feeling physically well and hopefully you can mentally feel better too. I struggle with depression a lot, as I think a lot of people here do. You aren't alone!!
It is another world out there! Try to force yourself to go out for a walk at least once a day. The exercise and fresh air will do you go and force yourself to greet at least one person each time you go out. forcing yourself will slowly get you back into a comfort zone of social activity. You also need to get the blood circulating; if you are sitting all day. good luck!
I know it might sound silly, but what about getting a dog? They are a great comfort when you are down or not feeling well and they are an amazingly easy way of meeting people when you take them for walks! Get a cute or interesting dog and other people with dogs will at least say "hello", if not stop and chat. And a dog will make sure that you get out of the house. :hug:
Thanks Susan2, that doesn't sound silly at all...dogs have proven to be theraputic companions. My condo board does not allow dogs, however. Thought about a fish, but if its anything like looking after plants...i'd be flushing it pretty quick, lol. Think I'll hold out hope for woman ( maybe one with a dog) . cheers
I didn't mean in place of a woman! :yfaint:

And taking a fish for a walk, even if you carried it in a bowl, wouldn't have quite the same effect. :ybiggrin: