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Long distance travel and Crohns.

In 2 weeks my wife and I are going for a two week trip to Indiana. We're going by car because we have stops we want to make along the way.

I sometimes have very urgent bowel movements and am a bit worried about if one goes while we are out in the middle of nowhere. Would you suggest I make an emergency kit? My wife says the will be gas stations all along the way.


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Traveling can be a challenge. I take bottled water to stay hydrated, including extra underware and changes of clothes in case I make mess. With a colostomy its a bit more complex especially plane travel. In the rental car there are times when a public washroom is not available and the only option is to make a road side stop and be discrete about it.

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Yes, an emergency kit would be very helpful for you! My husband and I have traveled by car many times while I was in a flare and no matter what I always make sure I have lots of supplies (wipes, underwear, plastic bags (for the dirty clothes) etc).

Also, make sure if you happen to see a rest area that you make a stop even if you really don't have to go. Here's a website I'm hoping might help too. I hope you have a good trip Doug!!! :hug:

It really is a question of courses for horses. For many years I travelled nationally and internationally. In the case of the latter, I would always take a stop over of two or three days.

What I would do prior to a relatively long flight was to eat very little and and swallow a couple of imodium and 30 mg of Codeine Phosphate.Obviously, there were times I had to repeat the imodium or lomotil up to a max of 6 per day. On flights I ate very little and laid off the booze. Water was good enough ( for once).

Apart from the usual standby measures, tissues, spare underwear etc. I alway had a script for a short course (3 days) made up in case of any major issues. Hopefully that would have given me enough time to high tail it back to Australia.

I did take out travel insurance to cover Crohn's, but I have doubts whether that would have covered complicated surgery. Now, because of other conditions which I won't bore you with, I am grounded! I was fortunate to travel quite a lot throughout my life and have many treasured memories.

Happy New Year Everybody

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There are apps for your phone
Where to wee is by far our favorite
It tells all bathrooms as they come up on the road where you are at
We have taken many road trips with DS and it works out well
That’s said we plan on stops every 1-2 hours along the way
And bring an emergency set of clothes etc just in case (never had to use them )
Some good advice in this thread already. Definitely minimize the food intake while you are on the road and when you do eat, stay away from fast food and the greasy spoon diners. I always take bland things along like crackers, pretzels, etc., and have a small cooler with water and a Coke in case I get nauseous.

If you don't have any strictures and can take it, it might not hurt to take a Lomotil or an Imodium an hour or so before you hit the road. I always did this before I was told I had strictures and it really seemed to help. Having an emergency kit prepared as the others suggested is a good idea as well.

I always pack two things when I go on the road - a tool kit for the vehicle and a "tool kit" for myself. Fortunately I seldom need either.
Sorry Folks,
Reading my last post, I foolishly neglected to state that the short course I took with me referred to prednisolone. I had strictures then and still do even after surgery.


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When I travel diet can become a challenge. I try to stay at hotels that have a fridge and microwave. I buy familiar foods at a grocery store nearby to make my own sandwiches and breakfasts in the room. It cuts down on restaurant and junk foods, saves money too.
I pack some of my seasonings from home and take them with me on trips, as well as a cup and cutlery.
Thanks for all the help everyone. We are leaving next Wednesday. I will put together an emergency kit and we are already going to bring food for breakfast. That will be better and cheaper than eating out.