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Long-term hoarseness and throat problems


Passionate Dreamer
Two months ago I started having problems with my voice (dysphonia), which I didn’t care much since that can be something common when weather is cold here in Autumn (southern hemisphere). But after a month the problem continued I started having sore throat so I decided to stop avoiding doctors and saw an Otolaryngologist (the throat specialist).

Long story short, the Otolaryngologist sent me back to the Gastroenterologist because he understand I am having hoarseness and throat problems due to Gastroesophageal reflux. And I am writing this message here because I have many doubts about this diagnosis. I really know how it feels when you have acid indigestion and that is not how I feel now.

So I month ago I was given a very high dose of Omeprazole, 40mg twice a day, even I do not feel like having acid indigestion. And I do not see much progress on this. I still having hoarseness and some discomfort (mild pain) when I swallow.

Does anyone have or had this problem? Any clues? Any treatments? Thank you!
I also have horseness and reflux. I take 20mg famotidine daily for years. It does help and it is related to crohn's. good luck.

Lady Organic

Staff member
did you get any testing done for Gastroesophageal reflux, like esophageal pH? Your GI could order it.
I have had mysterious issues with my throat as well, but I feel better now. It started in the winter as well when we heat and the air is dry and at that moment I was teaching too, once a week (speaking loud for few hours). Do you have a job that involves lots of talking?
I have seen an orthophonist referred by the otorhynolaringologist at the hospital. This could be of an help for you.
The first advice the ENT dr gave me was to clean and hydrate my nose twice a day with a saline solution spray found at the pharmacy. The dr compared this care as important as brushing teeth everyday. Some throat issues come from the nose mucus crawling down.


Passionate Dreamer
Thanks Dyana and Lady Organic for your comments. I will post an update here just in case someone else comes here with the same problem.

Throat specialists observed my larynges and gastroesophageal reflux was discarded on this particular case. I had video laryngoscope and tomography done to check in deep and discard serious diseases such as cancer.

One of the doctors says one of my vocal cords is paralyzed. The other one says vocal my cords are ok and I do not have a vocal cord problem. On the bright side both say I need to see a speech-language pathologist (SLP) and do some voice rehab exercises.

None of the doctors thinks there is a connection between this problem and CD, but who knows? I also feel some discomfort while eating when I shallow. All in all the larynge is part of the larynx also belongs to the GI tract and can also be affected by Crohn.