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Long-Term SCD Success


Long story short: I'm looking for some interesting discussion here, but mostly, I'm looking for a few endorsements from people who have had long-term success with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

The rest of the story: I'm the kind of guy who's willing to put lots of effort into my diet. On a hunch that eating less preservatives and food chemistry might help, I planted a home garden last year, learned how to can at home, and canned lots of produce to eat throughout the year.

I spent a good amount of time this weekend talking to a fellow Crohnie who swears the SCD is the best thing since sliced (not) bread. ;) We spent a lot of time talking about ingredients, how it works, food prep time, commitment, cost, etc. This extreme intersects my GI's opinion, which is that diet can help alleviate/further aggravate symptoms, but is not the cause of flares or really any of this. I'm not good at living in the grey area. It's cold and strange. ;)

I took a look at the legal/illegal list and found it overwhelming. I looked at some recipes and skimmed the book and it looked a little more interesting. I looked at my friend, his results, and enthusiasm, and they were intriguing. But, I still arrive at the place that says that the extreme commitment requires me to feel better about its efficacy.