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Long time Crohnie



Hi, I have had Crohn's since 1985 when I was 17 and in high school and thought it was great to eat whatever I wanted and still lose weight, Until I started having the fevers and diarhea and eventually ended up in the hospital from fever and severe pain. It was no fun to get all the scopes and barium tests done to only discover that you had a disease that you had never heard of before and would have for rest of your life. Needless to say back then there was hardyl any information or support groups to learn more about the treatment.

I felt that I was invisible for the first 5 years, playing around with my medicines, (Taking, not taking, changing doses etc.) eating and drinking things that I wouldn't touch now. I even met my future husband during this time, so needless to say he has put up with a lot in the last 18 years we have been together. In 1991, I kept getting sick and surgery was recommended and had a portion of my colon resected and again thought I was cured and never going to be sick again. But in 1995 I started having blockages and ended up having the rest of my colon but about 10% removed. Avoided a colostomy since my rectum is in good shape. I have to say that this is when I finally understood what "chronic" meant.

I have had 1 major flare since then in 1996 and I lost about 15lbs. Being 5" tall 15lbs is a lot, especially when you tend to be on the thin side anyway. I actually got below 100. My Dr. and I argue about my weight, he would like me to be 10-15lbs heavier than I do.

I have also had 3 boys, the 1st one while being in remission and not drugs and the other 2 while be on 100mg of Imuran and varying dosages of Prednisone. For my middle child the neonatologist I was referred to had me do a boatload of test but for the 3rd child I didn't want to do any unless there were complications. All 3 healthy with no sign of Crohns only allergies and 1 has asthma.

More recently I have problems with blockages and ended up in the hospital about 3 weeks ago because I could clear one. It was the 1st time I had to go the ER from a blockage in over 10 years. I know that I am heading for surgery but it's been that way for about 2 years now and plan to keep it that way for as long as I can. My small intestine has a section that has narrowings and widenings so I know that is what is causing the problem and avoid salad and vegetables.

I try to excersise about 3-4 times a week by spinning, eliptical and walking. My husband and I like to bicycle and are planning on doing the "Get Your Guts in Gear" ride in summer 2007 in NY. It a 3-day ride at 70 miles/day and the proceeds to the Crohn's and ostomy research. I believe that exercise helps me manage my disease.

I didn't intend for this to be so long. Thanks for reading,

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Thanks for sharing that with us and :welcome: to the forum. I am glad that your children are not affected by this disease, and think it is great that you are able to exercise to help manage your condition. I agree that it can likely help manage it, if for nothing else it can reduce stress.


Hi Mickey :welcome: to the site.I think its great that you excercise and the "Get Your Guts in Gear" ride sounds fun and a good cause.
All the best with this disease and hope something improves for you asap


Hey Mikey!

Good to have you on board hun - this guts in gear thing sounds superb, I'd do one of those here in Scotland in a heartbeat! I fully advocate keeping fit as a healthy option for crohns - it's no cure obviously, but it IS a great stress reliever.

Also, it's wonderful that your kids aren't affected. I have a son aged 20 months and it's a HUGE worry for me as to whether he'll be afflicted by this disease or not. Here's hoping not!

Anyway - welcome to the boards and hopefully speak to u more soon.

take care
Hi Mickey, thanks for sharing. your story has given me comfort that i will beable to have a healthy pregnancy and children when the time comes. it was a worry, i am an only child. my mom really wants grandchildern and my bf and i one day will want to start a family.
Take care


Hye Mickey,

Was good to read your story and look forward to future posts.



Hi Mickey and welcome!

I have twin boys and it was a worry to me that they would have crohns.. luckily both are healthy, but I still watch them very closely!

Look forward to seeing you around!

Elaine xxx


Hi Mickey!

Nice to meet you, glad you decided to join us, glad your boys are healthy :)



for the welcome, it seems like this forum has a lot of upbeat people, who try to keep this disease and life in perspective. I try to run my life and live with CD and not let it live my life for me.

Have a great day,




I see that your from OHIO too. So, I extend a BIG WELCOME to a FELLOW BUCKEYE !! I am sure that you will have a great time here with the rest of us so ... jump right in and have some fun !!


Mama Crohnie

Hi Mickey, pleasure to meet you. I think it's absolutely wonderful that you will be participating in the Get Your Guts In Gear Race next year. I may even travel down to New York myself to Participate. It certainly sounds like you have had a rough go of it, but you're definetly on the right track with excercise. Enjoy your time here.

Ole Crohns Dont Die They Just Crap Out


Mickeyg said:
for the welcome, it seems like this forum has a lot of upbeat people, who try to keep this disease and life in perspective. I try to run my life and live with CD and not let it live my life for me.
This sure is a really special group. And your outlook makes you fit right in :thumleft: . I sure hope that you come and share the good times with us in the future, as we definately at least want to be updated on the health and also on how the bike will go (when it eventually happens)