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Looking for a friend

A brief look into my story:

I experienced a horrible perianal abscess 9 months ago. The healing process has been excruciatingly slow. The wound healed up within about a month, but the cavity below the skin took much, much longer. So, here I am today. I noticed a dark blemish on my scar the other day and, of course, panick ensued. Today I noticed blood around the area. I'm all but positive I have a fistula. I've got a good CRS, so at least there's that. He wants to get me in for an EUA, but that won't be for at least another month. Any of your comments / stories would be greatly appreciated. Also, any advice on keeping this thing from abscessing again would also be greatly appreciated. I'm feeling fairly depressed about all of this, and all I want is my life normal life back. I should note that I do not believe I have ibd, but my CRS is going to do a colonoscopy on me, anyway. Thanks, all.