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Looking for guidance on what I should be eating before surgery

Hi all -
I have resection surgery scheduled for a month from now to take out part of my small intestine. (Not sure yet how much. At least 10 centimetres is inflamed). I recently had an abscess and was hospitalized. I am on parental nutrition to gain weight and optimize nutrition before surgery. My surgeon said I can also eat, but that I should eat as if I am recovering from the flu (chicken soup, ice pops).

I'm wondering what guidance you all received from your surgeon about what you should be eating in the weeks before surgery (if surgery was planned).

In addition to chicken soup and ice pops I also have been having tea, ginger ale, and toast. I had an ice cream sandwich on two days and decided that was probably a bad idea. I was told to stop taking Humira until after surgery so I am not on any medication to treat my Crohn's disease at the moment. I'm afraid that any food I am consuming might cause more inflammation and I wonder if I should stick with liquids only (tea, broth, Ensure).

Thanks for any advice!
I know that eating chicken soup helps to recover, from lots of diseases, not only flu. I've recently had surgery and also my doctor recommended me to eat chicken soup. I thought that it wasn’t healthy and doubted my doctor's recommendation. I had liposuction, so I wasn’t sure if there is any point in eating fatty food after it. But later, I’ve read that it is actually very healthy and helps to recover faster. The fat that is in the soup won't stay on a body. The only thing you need to do is to cut off the fat from chicken meat.
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Thank you for your reply! Very helpful to hear what your doctor recommended.

I hope your surgery went well.