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Looking for insight....

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum and am hoping to get some insight since I feel as though I don’t experience the same “symptoms” as most individuals with crohns. I was diagnosed at 17 years old (1998). I ended up having a small bowel resection. I went many years with no issues or symptoms. In 2005 I had my first child and soon after started dealing with inflammation and muscle pain. It would come and go and I was able to deal with it. Over the last 4 years it’s really gotten worse. I’ve been tested for arthritis and lupus twice which came back negative. I take neproxin almost daily to relieve joint and muscle pain. The weird thing is it’s mainly on the left side of my body. Shoulder, knee, jaw, and foot. When my jaw flares up I have to go to the dr to get a prescription for prednisone (yuk). I’m curious to know if there’s anyone else that deals with this same issue. How do you handle it and is it “normal”?
Hi K.Lee. You mentioned you have been tested for arthritis, but have you gone to see a Rheumatologist? What testing was done to eliminate the arthritis? Sometimes enteropathic arthritis develops as a result of IBD.
Yes I did see a rheumatologist both times. They did blood work and an mri on my foot since that was the problem area at one of the two visits