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Looking for insight....

I’m new to this forum and am hoping to get some insight since I feel as though I don’t experience the same “symptoms” as most individuals with crohns. I was diagnosed at 17 years old (1998). I ended up having a small bowel resection. I went many years with no issues or symptoms. In 2005 I had my first child and soon after started dealing with inflammation and muscle pain. It would come and go and I was able to deal with it. Over the last 4 years it’s really gotten worse. I’ve been tested for arthritis and lupus twice which came back negative. I take neproxin almost daily to relieve joint and muscle pain. The weird thing is it’s mainly on the left side of my body. Shoulder, knee, jaw, and foot. When my jaw flares up I have to go to the dr to get a prescription for prednisone (yuk). I’m curious to know if there’s anyone else that deals with this same issue. How do you handle it and is it “normal”?

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Did you see a rheumatologist?
Spondyloarthritis is common with crohns and is negative in terms of rheumatoid factor (mostly)
Ds has both crohns and juvenile spondyloarthritis
He takes Stelara/methotrexate and Celebrex for the arthritis side of things

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I've been told to not take Naproxen or Advil because it can cause bleeding in the gut and complicate Crohn's. You might want to ask your GI doctor if another medicine would control the arthritis. Good luck!

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In general nsaids are not permitted for crohns patients
However in some patients the arthritis is worse than the crohns
In that case the rheumatologist work woth the GI
And some permit different versions of nsaids
Ds takes Celebrex for his arthritis which is easier on the gut but not without risks
Ds last scope while taking Celebrex looked good so the Gi was ok with it.
Thank you! That's good to know about Celebrex. I used to take advil and naproxen when I had tendonitis. Was wondering if there were any anti-inflammatories I would ever be able to use again in case tendons or joints flared in the future.

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Be sure to see a rheumatologist first
Since crohns can be associated with arthritis
Sometimes the arthritis flares are connected to crohns flares
But see a rheumatologist
thank you! it will be interesting to find out if the wrist tendinitis and other stuff was connected or independent.