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Losing weight real fast,

losing weight real fast,

hello i am sort of new and losing weight real fast 22 pounds in 1 month. i am interested in buying some nutritional drinks like boost or insure, but i am not sure which one to buy. i would like it to be sort of low in sugar, but give me some extra calories. any help would be appreciated until i can get my blood tests back from gastro and find out what is going on. thanks


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whenever I have been in the hospital, they always used insure. I dont know if that helps.


I use avocados. I love them! As long as they don't bother you, they are a wonderful source of good fat. I eat one a day (or a half, if they're big). Just make sure they are very ripe. Good luck!
thanks . i went out and bought some boost and insure today. not sure which one i will like better. they are both very expensive. i think next time i will buy the powder.


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I have an Ensure for breakfast every morning since I usually have a hard time with solid foods in the mornings. I like Jessi's idea, avocados are chock full of "good" fats and are a good idea, if you can handle them. I have a hard time digesting "bad" fats but I can do "good" fats like avocados, olive oil, and almond butter very easily.

I hope you're able to gain some of your weight back. I had such a hard time gaining weight when my illness was really active - it took 7 months of steroids for me to be able to get back up to my normal weight again. I hope that's not the case for you! Good luck!
yes i am going to try the avocados also. my parents were here yesterday and havent saw me in 2 months and they couldnt believe all the weight loss. now it is 23 pounds. i just dont know why i am losing weight because i am eating. i think my anal issues have something to do with why i am losing weight. i am waiting on my blood tests to come back from doctors. hope they come back soon..


I have lost 20 pounds in a month, but never more than that.

Hang in there sweetie! I hope you feel well very soon.

just wanted to update. i had a colonscopy done and it was ok. i am having a small follow thru on wed next week and a egd done on friday. they are possibly thinking i have celiac disease.


I really hope that's all it is. It's difficult to learn of all the different foods that you'll need to avoid. Gluten is in a ton of food that you don't expect it to be in. But Celiac would be so much easier than Crohn's. You can live without ever having issues again if you eat right. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Good luck!