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Loss of ability to concentrate & remember info

Has anyone else experienced a general decrease in the ability to concentrate and remember information?

Recently I have been feeling more and more paranoid as I'm struggling to remember things (even simple things like names of people!). I'm 21 and should be absorbing and withholding things easier than what I am!

I am about to start Uni in a week and I'm also in a new job where I have to do long presentations infront of crowds ranging from 30-1000 people. I can't afford to forget information!!!

Does anyone who has gone through Uni also have any tips on how they survived with Crohn's?
Lara- Both Aza' and 6mp gave me immense trouble concentrating and becoming forgetful- as well as constant nausea and fatigue. I'm on Infleximab now and the change to normal concentration levels become obvious as the Aza came out of my body and I am able now to resume working on my degree. Predesolone had me leaving the stove on, etc, and was generally mayhem for the brain and emotions. You may have to change meds. Remember to get heaps of rest/sleep- I found that helped.
Cheers El Dacko.
When I was malnourished I had trouble with concentration and memory. Have you had vitamin and iron levels checked lately?